Makai Hongi – 52


I wondered about this, but they were meatheads. So they probably didn’t think about it too deeply.

He had more mana. Amazing. That was all.

“More importantly, it seems like the enemy is running. Clean them out.”

I could no longer move.

“But it’s so tiresome having to chase people.”

“Yes. Can’t we just stay here with you, Golan?”

“…I don’t mind.”

If you defeated enemies, you gained just a little bit of their mana.

The more you got, the stronger you became. But they didn’t really seem to have an interest in any of that.

Not that I could do that now.

My body hurt and I had lost too much blood.

I had broken ribs, which made it hard to even breath.

“I’m going to lay on my side for a while. You two keep watch over the area.”

I doubted there were any enemies around, but it was best to be safe.

“Aye, we’ll do that.”


And so I relaxed and closed my eyes.

But I was quickly brought back.

“Hey, Golan. They came.”

“…Came? Who?”

The enemy? This was bad.

I wasn’t in any state to fight.

“You know, uh…the Corps Commander…”

“Corps Commander Nehyor is here?”

“His army.”


Corps Commander Nehyor’s army came? But why?

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