Makai Hongi – 8


There was just the wise-wolf and flying-eagle now. They were both beast-types.

“Commander Nehyor has forbidden me from fighting.”


“That’s true. …So, that leaves you then, Bian.”

Like goblins, flying-eagles were not suited for combat.


I couldn’t understand why Nehyor would make such people commanders. Regardless, I wondered how he would react.


“Don’t get carried away!”

He said as he rose into the air. So, he meant to fight.


The flying-eagles were good at scouting from up high. So why was he part of the fighting?


(I think they fight like harpies? In that case, I should be wary of ‘scratching’ and ‘tearing.’ They could also ‘ambush’ enemies, but that was only when you didn’t know where they were.)


Up until now, I had been using the same ‘muscle strengthen’ that I had used while fighting Guden. But now, I was going to change it up.

I had a way of shooting down Bian, who flew high in the sky.


And so I changed my special ability from muscle strengthen to ‘rock throw.’

‘Rock throw’ was a very basic move that at least half of all ogres possessed.


And so I picked up a few rocks that were the size of a head.

“Alright, here goes.”


I swung hard and threw one.

When I had tested this before, I found out that when using ‘rock throw,’ the thrown rock was affected by ‘speed boost’ and ‘aim assist.’

And probably ‘force boost’ as well, since that was affected by speed.


The rock that I threw moved at the speed of a tennis ball serve, and hit Bian right in the wing.

It felt pretty good to land a hit on my first throw.


“Here comes the next one.”


There was no shortage of rocks to throw here.

Bian was moving in the air like a bat who was looking for food. But he was really just trying to buy time.

If I threw ten rocks at him, at least one would hit him.


After both the second and third rock hit Bian’s wings, his movements grew noticeably slower.

I took advantage of this to aim more carefully. The result of which was a hit right in Bian’s stomach. And like that, he came plummeting down, head first.


His wings were full of holes, and it was likely that the fight was over. Still, I walked up to him in order to make sure.

I picked up a boulder with both hands and stepped forward. It was just then that I felt someone come up behind me.


“Alright, that’s enough. Golan, don’t go any further.”

Out of nowhere, Nehyor was beside me. What special ability had he used?


“The fights against Iribo, Grubo, and even Bian were quite one-sided. This shouldn’t be the case, considering your mana level. But you seem to have a lot of experience fighting.”

“Well, my village was no lukewarm place.”


As I had low mana, everyone would mock me. And once I started beating them, people started to line up in order to challenge me.


“…I know it’s a little late to be asking this, but why were you even fighting?”

Corps Commander Nehyor asked me a little seriously.

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