Realist Demon King – 100


And so I looked at her.

It was a face I was used to looking at, but she was also beautiful.

Her skin was like porcelain and she wore beautiful maid clothes.

But perhaps it was her loyalty that was most appealing.

Perhaps I had the two most beautiful subordinates in the world. I muttered this out loud and they both reacted.

“But who is the superior one?”

“Who is cuter?”

I cursed myself for thinking out loud.

I should have known that they wouldn’t just accept the compliment.

Perhaps I had let all of the praise I was receiving recently get to my head.

I did not expect to fumble at a time like this.

But they were staring at me now.

A banal answer would result in a loss of trust.

–But then again, I could hardly be loved any more than I already was.

Perhaps losing a little of it would mean close to nothing.

And so I decided to say something vague.

It was based on the words Toshizou had said recently.

“The canary is beautiful in its own way. And the crane is beautiful in its own way. It’s nonsense to compare them.”

Of course, they were not satisfied with these words. They clearly wanted me to pick one, however, they settled down in the end.

However, I did have to chuckle at Jeanne’s final words.

“You must be a poet to compare me to a crane. How pretty.”

I had actually thought of her as the canary because she was so loud. But she clearly didn’t understand my intention.

That was unfortunate, but Eve seemed to have noticed, as she smiled while holding back her laughter.

It was very cute to watch.

Jeanne looked smug as well, as she was now confident in her superiority.

I could have watched them all day, but our time was limited.

Who knew how long the merchant would stay in Sabnac’s castle?

There was no time to debate such things.

I was about to say as much, but Eve was a brilliant maid. All it took was a glance and she began preparations.

She also urged Jeanne to get ready if she was coming as well.

Jeanne hardly wanted to be left behind at this point, and so she quickly returned to her room.

And like that, they quietly prepared for our journey.

In the meantime, I took care of the documents that had piled up on my desk.

But as it was work that I did a lot of every day, I was able to finish it in a few hours.

They took longer to prepare than me. And since I had time to spare, I decided to pay the dwarf chief a visit.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Jeanne is as noisy and beautiful as a crane, much like young women when they socialize with friends, but Jeanne is a crowd with just 2 people involved.

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