Realist Demon King – 104


I expected nothing less from a maid and saint of the Demon King army.

They usually seemed too relaxed, but they always reacted quickly when it came to battle.

However, while Eve may have been prepared mentailly, she wasn’t too reliable when it came to actually fighting.

As always, she pulled out her dagger and pointed it at her neck, saying that she would kill herself if it turned out that she was getting in our way.

Her hand shook.

She was loyal as ever and was prepared to do anything.

However, I could not lose someone as valuable as her.

And so I gathered energy into my right hand.

This was so I could react immediately when we were ambushed.

I regretted leaving my long sword in the carriage, but thankfully, the aura I was sensing was not that strong.

I thought that I could deal with them even when empty handed.

It was just as I muttered this that the men slithered out from behind the shadows.

They all looked like mercenaries.

Yes, not bandits, but mercenaries.

Had they been hired by some other town?

It was not clear, but their hostility seemed to increase as they faced us.

After all, they unsheathed their weapons without even opening their mouths.

“Hey, now. We are just traveling merchants. Do you really mean to attack us without provocation?”

They replied.

“We know that you are from Ashtaroth castle. The crest was on your carriage.”

“I see. That’s very observant of you.”

Perhaps I had been too bold. I had meant to attract the attention of the merchant. It was working against us now.

Well, or maybe this was his reaction.

I had to ask.

“Were you hired by a traveling merchant?”

They replied honestly.

“I don’t know if that is the same person, but we are searching for a merchant with black hair. And we mean to kill him before he can meet Ashtaroth the Demon King.”

“I see. Interesting.”

Whoever he was, he was the type of person to make enemies.

“It was very kind of you to let me know.”

“Don’t thank us just yet. The information will cost you your life. Ashtaroth will never know. It’s quite simple.”

“I see. That’s very ruthless of you. But there is one problem with that.”


“The person standing in front of you is Demon King Ashtaroth.”

As their faces twisted in shock, the sound of an explosion suddenly echoed from the town.

It was from my fireball.

And just like that, two of the mercenaries turned into balls of fire.

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  1. well…i just have to say thx for chapter and im loving the novel and your translation and i hope next chapter come soon cause im an anxious person longing for more chapters XD

  2. Not the smartest mercenaries are they? They don’t even recognize Ashta which you would think they would given how (in)famous he is so he appearance should be known. Then they also tell Ashta valuable information about who their target is and give some clues that they were probably hired by somebody who’s an enemy of Ashta since they don’t want their target -who happens to also be who Ashta is looking for- to meet Ashta instead of keeping their mouths shut.

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