Realist Demon King – 109


“A new skill! Very impressive, Master!”

Eve said proudly. But I hadn’t been able to use it yet.

And so I raised my right hand and gathered energy into my palm as I chanted.

This was thunder magic.

“So you are going to do damage by electrocuting it. It is a mass of moisture. That should be very effective.”

Eve declared.

“But it won’t be enough to kill it.”

And so I gathered energy into my left hand as well.

With this hand, I created an Ice Lance, which I would use to pierce it.

“Yes, it worked.”

Eve looked shocked.

“Th-this is amazing.”

Ryoma turned to her.

“Maid. Why are you so surprised?”

“I see you do not understand what is happening. My master is using two different types of magic at the same time.”

“Is that so rare for sorcerers?”

“It is unheard of. Magic can only be unleashed on its own. I have never heard of a sorcerer having two types of magic in their body.”

“Well, that is impressive.”

And with that, I unleashed the magic. With the thunder magic, I purposely targeted the shell. This was to force the soft creature to come out.

And when it did, I stabbed it with the ice lance.

It went right into its head.


A wet, most uncomfortable sound echoed throughout the labyrinth. And while its body continued to move after that, the head had been destroyed, and there was nothing left for it other than a slow death.

And like that, the giant snail was defeated.

After witnessing this, Eve praised me with abandon, as she always did. And even Ryoma was impressed.

“Really, I did not expect so much from you. It’s a good thing I brought you as my guard.”

She said approvingly.

Eve added,

“Aside from being a strategist, he is the greatest sorcerer. It is said that he rivals the ancient Hero, who was the strongest sorcerer in the Demon King’s army.”

“Hoho. That is wonderful.”

She was talking about a great sorcerer who had served a Demon King on a different continent.

This sorcerer wore a sinister mask and was said to be more powerful than even the Demon King. However, he was also quite modest, and never proud or arrogant. And so he was loyal to his king until he died.

And so he was remembered as a very capable subject, even on this continent.

His name was…

Just as I was thinking about it, Jeanne came out of the shadows and jumped on me.

“That was brilliant! You defeated that disgusting creature in a flash!”

She suddenly became very cheerful once the snail was dead.

“Ah, Saint. I see you are trying to keep the Demon King to yourself. Let me get in.”

She said as she grabbed my arm and drew closer.

Ryoma was a lot more voluptuous than Jeanne. It was hard not to notice.

It was then that I noticed Eve’s cold stare.

She was muttering something to herself with all the anger of a bear.

I could have used magic to hear her, but I had too much respect for her.

However, it was hard not to notice her lips forming the words ‘kill them.’ But I pushed the thought aside and looked for the stairs that would take us to the lower level.

After that, we succeeded in reaching the fifth floor without encountering any strong enemies.

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