Realist Demon King – 18


“It is quite unusual for a Demon King to aggressively pursue economic gains instead of running towards defenses and protection. However, I admire your lack of conformity.”


And so she understood my aim and obeyed my orders.

The building of the new town was done mainly under her supervision.


I had quite the able commander named Hijikata Toshizou as well, however, he was close to useless when it came to anything other than war.


He could usually be seen reading a book in the officer’s hall in the castle, or be wandering the seedy districts and drinking during midday.


Indeed, he was mad for war but could not be counted on to do anything productive.

However, he did have many things to say regarding a corner of the new town which would be the new red-light district.


In his mind, bedding prostitutes was not all there was to it. One wanted to drink with fine ladies, enjoy conversation and sleep together until the morning.


His request was that I build an eastern style brothel.


I knew that he was no saint from the beginning, and could see the value in such an establishment, and so I agreed.


Eve scowled, but I explained:


“There is no respectable country in history that hasn’t had these. I think of the worst times of a ravaged Soviet Union or the cultural revolution in China. Well, I am sure you do not understand what I am saying.”


“I do not know those countries, but I catch your meaning. Perhaps I was only annoyed to see you planning so joyfully with Hijikata.”


Eve said with a little iciness.


“I understand that it was planned from before, but I forbid you from visiting it yourself. If you ever feel like it, call for me.”


Interesting. But I didn’t take the conversation any further and left with Toshizou.


We were finished talking about this red-light district, but now we needed to discuss the new training house for the soldiers.

I wanted his advice on how to do this the most efficiently.

Well, perhaps that was half of it, and I also wanted to get away from a woman who was clearly in a dark mood.

I have lived for several decades, including my past life, but always found women difficult to deal with.


They could seem to be in high spirits one moment and quite the opposite in the blink of an eye.


I said as much to Toshizou, and he raised a bottle of sake in one hand and agreed.


“It is a mystery to me. It is much easier to pursue the way of the sword.”


“Yes. It would be much easier to study the truth of magic.”


We looked at each other and chuckled.


Eve did not take long to regain her normal attitude, and she poured a delicious cup of tea for me upon my return to the office.


There was also some tart blueberry jam and scones.


If handling the role of intermediary in the building of a town while also baking pastries didn’t make her the perfect maid, I didn’t know what would.


“I am a tactician and an officer, but first and foremost, your maid.”


She declared.

Her actions and words were definitely worthy of the five stars her ‘Legend Rare’ status gave her.


Having such a brilliant demon like her as my first subordinate was perhaps the best thing to have happened to me.


That is what I thought.

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