Realist Demon King – 32


She could have told me this sooner, but there was no point in berating her now. I had to head to this weapon store right away.


“Are you going to go yourself, Master?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”


“You could just send someone to go out and seize it.”


“That is definitely something a Demon King would do.”


Eve looked at me as if to say, ‘and what are you if not a Demon King?’

And so I explained.


“Yes, I am a Demon King. But I’m not a villain. I’m a realist. It would be foolish, very foolish to steal weapons from my own people. I can’t gain such a reputation when I am trying to encourage more people to gather here. I shall pay for it properly.”


“I see. You were thinking ahead then.”


Eve bowed with sincerity.


“Now, I will go and buy this weapon. But I should perhaps take some guards with me, just in case.”


“Then take me. I have both knowledge and the ability to fight.”


Eve suggested. While I had no complaints with her knowledge, the other aspect I found less reliable.


Besides, she was in charge of taking care of the people and the running of the town. I was sure that there was a mountain of documents she needed to attend to after her long absence.


And for those reasons, I denied her permission to accompany me. She looked at me resentfully and said, ‘…couldn’t go…’ to herself.


Still, she immediately headed for the office. It was proof that she was serious and a hard worker.


I was lucky to have such a brilliant and capable maid.


As I was thinking this, Toshizou Hijikata and Jeane d’Arc came in.


“You aren’t thinking about leaving us twice in quick succession, are you?”

Toshizou said with a smile.


“It is God’s will that I stay next to you, Demon King.”

Jeanne stated.


These two were all muscle and no brain, and there was little point in leaving them here.


I didn’t think I was likely to encounter trouble in the town, but I decided to bring them with me regardless.


I told them this.

“Very good, Demon King.”

And they both laughed.

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