Realist Demon King – 33

The Old and Eccentric Weapon Seller


The town district was on the other side of the refugee camp.

This district had existed long before I came to be in this world.

According to Eve, it was a very old, historical place from the time of the previous Demon King.


And the weapon store was in a small corner of this place. And there, I would find the weapon that Gottlieb had made. The Fire Dragon Axe.


I came with this knowledge, only to find the shop in a depressing state.

Aside from the size of the store, there was nothing to suggest that it had once been thriving.


The sign in the front was covered with grime and the words could not be read. The doors creaked and the interior of the place smelled like mold.


It was a young girl of ten years of age that greeted us.

She called from behind the store’s counter.

Well, she was so small that her voice sounded like it was coming from under it.


“Welcome, customers.”


The voice was surprisingly cheerful, but I could not see her face.

I had to lean over the counter and look down in order to finally see her.

Yes, it was a little girl.

Her flaxen hair was separated into two braids.

Was she keeping watch? I asked where the owner was.

But she looked at me with a troubled expression.


“Do you mean my grandfather? That will not be easy.”


“Why is that?”


“The thing is… My grandfather is ill.”


“I see. That is pitiable.”


I said sympathetically. But perhaps that was a bad idea, because I could then hear an angry voice coming from the back.


“Pitiable! Who is? I am not even ill!”


Said an old man who used a walking stick as he walked towards me. His whole body was shaking.

No matter what he said, he looked very sick.

The old man looked at us suspiciously.


“And who are you?”


Jeanne replied with a hint of anger.


“You should know who he is. How could anyone not? He is the…”


I covered Jeanne’s mouth to shut her up.


It may not have been a bad thing to negotiate a price while letting him know that I was the lord of the castle, but I didn’t want my authority to affect things in this case.


I wanted things to carry out naturally.


“…My name is Ashta. These are my companions. I heard that you have a weapon known as the Fire Dragon’s Tail, which was made by a renowned blacksmith. And I would very much like to buy it.”


“What? You know about the Fire Dragon’s Tail?”


“Yes. Rumors, anyway.”


The old man continued to look at us suspiciously.

He seemed to be thinking about it for a while. But then he finally shook his head.


“No, no. There is no way that you people could handle it.”


He shook his head and tried to drive us out.


“Are you sure that won’t change your mind? I won’t say that the sky’s the limit when it comes to price, but I will pay more than what you’d make at market price.”


“It is not a matter of money. I choose who holds what weapon. I will only sell weapons to those who can make the most of their potential.”


“My companions are excellent warriors.”


“I can see that. But that eastern man uses a sword. I doubt he’s ever fought with anything else.”


Toshizou nodded.


“That slender frame is no good for wielding a battle axe.”


“Quite reasonable.”


Toshizou said readily.


After all, his own Izuminokami Kanesada sword was something that he had gone through great lengths to acquire. He understood how the old man felt.


I wanted to ask him just whose side he thought he was on, but kept silent about it.


And so his attacks moved over to Jeanne.


“As for that girl. It is out of the question. She must be a sword-wielder as well. They are never good with axes.”


“I have used them to cut firewood.”


Jeanne said proudly.


“She has even less muscle than that man. There is no way that she could wield it.”


He gestured for her to be gone.

Jeanne stepped back, but she stuck her tongue out the moment before moving behind me.

Sometimes she could act very immature.


It was rather awkward now that he had denied two warriors that were Heroes, but I would now have to ask if he would give it to me.


When he heard my request, he made the most displeased expression he had shown that day.


“…But you aren’t even a warrior. You’re a sorcerer.”


To be precise, I was a Demon King. And I could handle weapons.


“Allow me to buy that battle axe if I can use it. If not, I will not bother you again.”


“That’s very arrogant of you. Very well. You have one chance. Swing that axe in front of me and then I will accept your request.”


He said and then brought me the axe.


realist demon king

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