Realist Demon King – 33


…with the help of his granddaughter, Toshizou and Jeanne.


“Why must I help with this…”


Toshizou complained and then added,


“The weight of this is not normal. Ordinary humans would not be able to carry it.”


The old man’s stance made a little more sense now.


“Yes, humans won’t be able to lift it. But, you do know that I’m a Demon King?”


I said so that only Toshizou could hear. But there was one thing that I wondered about, and so I asked the old man before picking it up.


“It’s been bothering me since we came here. But who are those ruffians outside of your shop?”


“Ruffians? What!? Surely, not!?”


He ran to the front door to see.

What he saw was a man who looked like a merchant and some Adventurers.

The fat merchant entered the store and began to talk while ignoring us.


“Now look here you old man, when will you be settling your debts?”


The old man fired back.


“I have no debts. At least not with the likes of you.”


“But you had debts with my father. He was kind enough to say that you could repay him when you wanted, but I am not like that. I am in charge now, and I will have my money returned.”


The merchant added that an old man like him was in danger of dying at any time. Then he laughed.

He looked like a classical villain.


However, it seemed that he truly did have debts. His granddaughter was shaking and muttering to herself in distress.


I moved close to her and asked her what the amount was.


She hesitated at first, but then Jeanne knelt by her and began to talk to her with their eyes on the same level. After a few words, the girl relaxed. She was a Saint, after all.


“…It is two hundred in gold.”


“That is outrageous.”


I said in surprise, and the girl explained.


“It had only been a few dozen at first, but the interest… But the original agreement was that he could pay it when he wanted at no interest…”


She said with teary eyes.


“These are evil practices for a merchant. But debts are debts. Very well. I will pay it.”


I said. And so Toshizou pulled out the coins from his pocket and placed them on the counter.


We had brought three hundred in gold with us. But Toshizou put all of it on the counter. Perhaps it was his way of showing pity. Even after the debts were settled, this girl and old man looked like they would be living in poverty.


However, just as the merchant was about to take the coins, the stubborn old man refused my offer.


“Don’t bother. I won’t accept charity from anyone.”


By this point I was very annoyed, and so I raised my voice.


“This is for the weapon. And it is a fair price for it. The Fire Dragon’s Axe is Gottlieb’s best weapon. It is worth three hundred in gold.”




“It is for the buyer to decide what the product is worth. I see no issue with paying more than the market price. Or would you rather see your granddaughter be sold off?”


The old man looked at his granddaughter.

He was a stubborn old man, but he also loved her. Looking down at her seemed to change his mind.

Still, he hesitated to sell something to someone who may not even be able to handle it.

He was a frustrating old man.


I decided that it was necessary to put on a little show. And so I picked up the Fire Dragon Axe with my right hand alone. Of course, I was using magic to strengthen my muscles.


The villainous merchant watched me in shock.

As did the shopkeeper and his granddaughter.


“Old man, it is not good to judge people by appearances. This is nothing to me.”


I said, then swung the axe downward.

Towards the merchant.

Of course, it landed at his feet.

I made a hole in the ground and the merchant stepped back. He had wet himself.




He let out a cry.

His followers were also alarmed, so I pressed in.

With a step forward, I said to them,


“This land is ruled by the Demon King Ashtaroth. He is compassionate and hates wrongdoing. But he especially hates money lenders like you who trick people. I will say nothing to him. As long as you take your things and leave this town by tomorrow.”


Upon hearing these words, the merchant’s men tried to unsheath their swords, but with a flash, Toshizou’s sword soared through the air and their belts fell to the floor. They were quiet after that.


They picked up their pants and fled, leaving the merchant that had hired them.

The merchant cried and then ran after them.


“…They weren’t even worth fighting.”


Toshizou muttered. But his sword had purified the town a little.

It was something he could be proud of.

And that was how I bought the Fire Dragon Axe from the old store owner.


He was a stubborn old man, but when we parted, he said,
“…Thank you. Demon King.”


So he figured out who I was. But I was glad that at the very end, he seemed a little embarrassed.

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