Realist Demon King – 46


I was a little anxious about Eve’s reaction and also did not think it good for a leader to flirt with a woman in front of his soldiers, but I didn’t say anything.


After all, she too had been in the thick of battle.

She always faced the enemy while her allies were at her back.

How much courage had the others gained by seeing her fight so beautifully on the frontlines?

She was a Hero who helped bring the One Hundred Years War to a close in her past life.


And nothing had changed. Maybe it would be a girl like her who would also bring this age of turmoil in this world to an end?


That’s what I thought.


I could hear her start to doze off, and so I used magic to pick her up and put her on my horse.


I then I held her like a princess, and none of the soldiers made any jokes.

That was how much respect they had for her as a warrior.


‘I’m tired. I’m going to the brothel,’ said Toshizou, as he went on ahead with his horse. I was reminded of how lucky I was to have them as my subordinates.


Now, the battle against Eligos was finished, but there was much that a victor had to do.


Care for the wounded and secure a hospital.

Rewarding those who performed well.

Solving the issues that may have arisen in town while we were away.

I wanted to see Gottlieb, who had been taking care of the town in my place.

He was also an important subject and a crucial part of the Ashtaroth army.

I had promised to drink with him after the battle had ended.


It might seem strange to drink with a ghost, but he apparently enjoyed seeing a drink in front of him, even if he could do nothing with it.


It was likely that he would try to force me to drink his share, but I wasn’t in a mood to act so stiffly now.


I no longer felt that it was so bad to enjoy drinking on a day where something especially great had occurred.


When I returned to my office, Eve had prepared some drink for me, which I enjoyed while working to address each problem.


Eve and Gottlieb stayed with me until the morning and shared their wisdom with me.

As ever, they were invaluable personnel.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    At the beginning of the second page of chapter 46, in the first line, shouldn’t that be about Jeanne?

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