Realist Demon King – 47


“The others may see you for that, but I do not believe it is your greatest strength, master. I think your greatest strength is in your heart.”




I asked. Eve nodded.


“That heart that lies deep in your chest. …Yes. It is your kindness that has built up your character and results in your subordinates and people supporting you.”




“You took Demon King Sabnac’s soldiers under your wing instead of killing them.

His people became your people instead of your slaves.

You saved the dwarves who you did not know and befriended their chief.

You have two difficult Heroes as subordinates but have earned their trust.”


Eve said.

It was getting a little embarrassing.


“You exaggerate.”


I said, but she shook her head in denial.

Then she took my hand and pulled me towards the window.

Then she opened the curtains.

There were many people there.

The people of the town.

And when they saw me, they shouted.


“It’s the king! The kind has appeared!”

“Our king! The Demon King!”

“The merciful, the compassionate, the wise king.”

“A king who is both practical and moral!”


“Demon King Ashtaroth!!”


I could hear their shouting from where I stood.


I was bewildered and turned to Eve for an explanation. Her advice was clear and magnificent.


“Master. Your people wish to see you smile and shake your hand. You cannot shake their hands from this distance, so you should at least wave to them.”


I followed her advice, and the people cheered and shouted with much emotion.


I waved until they could shout no more, and then I made a promise to them.

As long as I, Demon King Ashtaroth was here, I would protect this castle. And protect them.

In order to keep this promise, I started to think of new plans.

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