Realist Demon King – 54


“No, it’s something I dug up from old memories. Not from my world, but in this country called Japan.”


“Ah, you are full of knowledge, Master. It is astounding.”


“It’s all derived.”


“So, is this very different from a wooden sword?”


“Wooden swords can kill if you make a mistake. I would say these are slightly less dangerous.”


“Still, if they are less dangerous for practicing, won’t the fighters become weaker?”


“Hmm, I don’t know about that. It is said to be made by Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, one of the best swordsmen in the country. His style soon dominated Japan and became the style of the leaders. And as it was an age when swordplay was the most important, one might believe that it contributed to its importance.”


The goblin nodded with understanding. Then he took the swords to the two fighters.


Toshizou picked it up with a look of nostalgia.

“Though, the Tennenrishin-ryu did not really use bamboo swords.”

He muttered.


Jeanne looked at the unusual sword and bit into it.

Perhaps she enjoyed the smell of the bamboo.

She realized then, that it wasn’t food, and she began to test its grip.

Jeanne seemed to appreciate the lighter weight, as she said,


“My holy sword was made just for me and is very light. As I am used to light weapons, I will probably have an advantage.”


She grinned.


Toshizou replied,

“As a Japanses man, my ancestors will be incredibly disappointed if I lost a battle with a bamboo sword.”

He began to swing it.


They tested the swords for about three minutes before moving to the white line.


There they stood, a short distance away from each other. It was where the fight would begin.


There were a few meters between them, but to them, their opponent was only barely out of range for a terrible attack.


That meant that they only needed to take one step forward to unleash a powerful blow.

When they stood on the white line, the buzzing of the spectators died down.

They were all concentrating on the two fighters, intent on not missing a second.

And it was when that concentration reached its peak that I raised my right hand.


And then lowered it.


At that second, the fight between the two Heroes began.


Toshizou Hijikata vs Jeanne d’Arc. The long-awaited battle.

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  1. I think I’m at odds with everyone but I’ve been enjoying the lead up to the fight.

    It might be filler but I’m at max tension now!

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