Realist Demon King – 57


It turned out that disguising yourself as a merchant had its drawbacks, and we had been targeted.


I sighed.


“…Damn it. This is bloody typical. By the way, what lord owns these lands?”


Eve was quick to reply.


“We are near the border between the lands of Demon King Zagam and Demon King Decarbia.”


“I see. That must be why these bandits are allowed to roam here. It’s unclear whose lands they are terrorizing.”


“Exactly, master.”


From what I could see, the bandits were all human. They were thin and their eyes had a maddening intensity.

They had likely escaped from the rule of the Demon Kings.

It must have been unbearable.


If that was all, I might have sympathized with them. But it seemed like they left their humanity when they escaped.


When they looked at Jeanne and Eve, they laughed lewdly and said the typical lines.


“Don’t kill the women.”

“We’ll draw straws.”


The limited vocabulary of villains often made me want to vomit.

There was clearly no need to hold back here.

With this thought in mind, I began to chant.

Immediately, plants began to sprout at their feet.

They were small at first, but they grew into vines.


The grown vines twisted like snakes, binding the legs of the bandits and eventually their entire bodies.


It was a spell of binding.

When I squeezed my right fist, the vines tightened.


And when the vines tightened…



“Help me!!”


They screamed.


I needed only to tighten the vines around their necks to kill them.

Their lives were in the palm of my hand.

I jokingly asked Eve,


“So, what should I do with them? As a Demon King.”


“They wanted to desecrate us. Ten thousand deaths would be appropriate.”


“Strangle them like this?”


“That is too soft. You should feed them to the boars while they are still alive.”


Eve smiled like the daughter of demons that she was.


The bandits went pale when they heard this. Jeanne, always unable to read the room, opened her mouth.


“Demon King. It would be unnecessary killing.”


Well, while they were villains, it was still just an attempt. I could put a curse on them and release them.


It was just as I considered this that my vision grew dark.

At first, I did not know what had happened.

There was a gust of wind and sand went in my eyes.

After that brief moment where my vision was lost, I saw something shocking.


The body of a bandit now lay there, headless.


A wyvern had swooped down from the sky to feed on him.

Its long fangs tore into the head of the bandit.

It was as if the beast had taken a liking to the taste of brains. It quickly began to look for more.

Damn it! I thought as I deactivated the spell. Then I shouted.


“This wyvern is dangerous! Run!”


That being said, these men were not trained warriors. They just stood there in stunned silence.


The wyvern easily captured its second prey and tore into its head.


“I guess we have no choice. We will fight!”


I said. And then Jeanne entered her battle mode.

As always, Eve took a step back and watched.


“Master. Do your best!”


As she said this, Jeanne and I took a step forward.

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