Realist Demon King – 6


I wondered if there was any Demon King in the entire world who would not have been outraged at this opening. Well, I only had to look in the mirror to see one.


Because I did not become angry at all. No, I lowered my head and said:


“It is necessary for me to serve your powerful Count, not just for my own survival, but the survival of my people. I swear to give your Count half of my collected taxes if that will grant me protection.”


The knight’s beard swayed in satisfaction at this.


When the talks were finished, I had a feast prepared and summoned a succubus from the Klein Bottle to entertain him.


And half-drunk, the knight made me a promise.


“Leave it to us. The Count will protect your lands, Ashtaroth.”


“I am very grateful for that. But may I ask one favor?”


“What? Say it?”


“There is a Demon King in the neighboring lands who has been making the same demands to me. Of course, I meant to serve your Count, and so I refused him. But now Sabnac has gathered his soldiers together. He intends on attacking me.”


“He what! Curse him. Does he dare invade a protected subject of the Count? He might as well invade the Count’s lands as well.”


He was so enraged that his beard began to shake. I looked at him calmly and added:


“That is exactly right. This is not just about my own lands, but affects the dignity of the Count.”


“Indeed. And when does he intend on attacking?”


“I have heard that it is to be one week from now. I beg of you, lend us your help.”


“Very well. I will return at once and discuss this with the Count.”


This had lit a spark in the knight’s sense of chivalry, and he returned to his Count, slightly drunk.

After that, Eve said to me:


“Things are going well for now.”


“Yes, they are. Sabnac’s minions should visit me tomorrow. And we will repeat what we did today.”


“The Count is threatening you and so you cannot serve under him. But you are loyal to Sabnac in spirit. And then you will ask him to send his troops out and show his power.”


“Exactly. It is quite pathetic to play such a part, but that is a cheap price for victory.”


“It is what a realist would do. I believe that this is the best possible plan.”


“I’ll take that as a compliment.”


“It was intended to be. Ah, Sabnac’s underling has arrived. A gargoyle.”


“Then you must prepare a carcass for him. We will treat this one well. And lower our heads to the point of inviting sympathy.”


And so I played out the role once again in front of Sabnac’s minion and asked that he send troops.

I said that I needed help for when the Count attacked in one weeks time and suggested that I would serve Sabnac in return.

And with this, the Count’s army would clash with Sabnac’s.


“So you will have these two armies fight, and strike them while they are weakened.”


“Is that what you think, Eve?”


“That appears to be the most efficient method to me.”


“Indeed, a realist would agree with you. However, while I am a realist, I am also ruthless. A Machiavellian, if you will.”




She looked at me with a puzzled expression.


“In other words, we can find an even more efficient way. But I won’t tell you yet. There would be no fun in that.”


I said, and Eve replied, ‘I look forward to it,’ and smiled just a little.

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  1. I’m kind of refreshed (for the time being at least) that this guy doesn’t hesitate to play dirty right from the start. On the other hand, I will probably squick out if/when good people start getting caught in the wheels. I’m intrigued to see where it goes.

  2. Thanks for the chapters.

    So, we have a Machiavellian, I suppose that he take the heads of the Count and his fellow Demon king in the middle of their battle, so he can pose as the power who defeat both at the same time in order to get monsters and humans of the Count and Demon king to work under him.
    He can use the terror to rule over them and infound respect due his status as a Demon King, plus, the territory of the Count and fellow Demon king, now whitout a ruler, can be a precious fountain of resources…

    At least I do that, and sorry for my lame english, not my primary language and I still have some issues in gramathic usage and writing.

  3. “Machiavellian” my ass ¬_¬ It’s another one of those instances where the MC makes himself out to be really smart when the plan is moronic and would immediately collapse in real life.

    Two armies wouldn’t clash at the drop of a hat, and their rulers would discuss the facts with each other beforehand, which would reveal the MC’s lies. This relies on them being so dumb that they’d both charge into battle with no regard for losses.

    But there’s no point in nitpicking, I’m just still salty from the MC from Dungeon Defense

    I’m really enjoying this story :3

    • Then again, the count and the other demon lord might be prideful enough that they consider each as just insignificant thing and so won’t waste time discussing. Would be great if the slimes have at least told the MC of the personality of the 2 rulers or this might be reveal later.

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