Realist Demon King – 7


“Yes. If I go now, even a weak Demon King like me can successfully attack it.”


“That is very good, master. Perhaps you are Boushin reborn.”


“Save the praise for when I succeed. Now, go and prepare the three wood golems that I made the other day.”


“All three of them? But what about the defenses at Ashtaroth castle?”


“Eve, if Sabnac’s castle’s defense ability is currently at a 5, what would you say Ashtaroth castle is?”


“If it includes you, master, a 4. If not, then it is a 1.”


“Then it might as well be a 0. Adding something small to a zero will hardly change anything. There is no point in worrying about it.”




Eve was silent.


What I just said sounded very bold, if not reckless.


However, if I’m going to go and attack a strong enemy, I needed to commit to it.


Sabnac and Count Ismalia wanted my castle, but they were now fighting in the field.


They were evenly matched, and I could see that the battle would last for quite a while.

There was nothing that they could do even if I left the castle empty.

But Eve was still worried.


“But what if either side were to notice? Ashtaroth castle will fall.”


“It is not impossible, yes. But I started from zero not long ago. Being pushed back to zero at this point means little to me.”


I said, and Eve bowed.

“That is a broad-minded way of looking at it.”

She smiled.


As Eve went to call the wood golems, I used the Klein bottle to summon more monsters.


Even if I and the golems were enough to take the castle, we needed more soldiers to carry the materials from the storage houses.


The lowest of monsters could do that.


“Now…things have been going well up until now. But who knows if we will be able to breach Sabnac’s castle. And so I will use every soldier that I have.”


“Will you fight as well, master?”
“That is my intention.”


“But what if something were to happen to you?”


“It hardly matters. My weakness is the core of this castle. And I am leaving that exposed here. It does not matter where I am fighting. I either win or I die.”


“…If your resolve is that firm, I will not stop you. However, please take me with you.”


“I would love to drink some tea on the battlefield. But I’m afraid there isn’t time.”


“Yes, I can pour tea on the battlefield, but that is not all. I have the ‘Strategy’ skill. I can be of help to you out there.”


She continued.


“In spite of my appearance, I am of the demon race. I can fight as well. If necessary, I am prepared to give my life on the battlefield.”


She pulled out a dagger from her pocket.


“…If you are going to insist so much, then you may come. But don’t waste your life. I have still not tasted any tea that surpasses yours since coming to this world. Perhaps I will never enjoy a good cup again if you die.”


Hearing these words, her cheeks turned just a little red.

“Then I will continue to make the most delicious tea for you, master.”

She swore.


After that, she gave weapons to the skeleton soldiers that she gathered and took command.

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