Realist Demon King – 81


Orcs and goblins, which were likely working for Decarbia, had the place surrounded.


Then Decarbia himself appeared and said in a loud voice,

“Kongming. Is it true that Demon King Ashtaroth has been visiting you?”

A heard a lazy voice coming from within the house.


“Aye, that is true.”


“When you left me, you said you would serve no one.”


“Well, I definitely wouldn’t serve a king like you.”


“Grrr. Impudent fool. Let me ask you one more time. Work for me! And I will spare you your life. You can help me kill Demon King Astha.”


“I refuse.”


As Kongming rejected the offer, the orcs and goblins started to set fire to their arrows.

Then they set the arrows to their bows and fired them without hesitation. And just like that, Kongming’s house went up in flames.

Then the monk that took care of Kongming came out of the house.

The heinous Decarbia immediately ordered his soldiers to kill the boy, but they were unable to.

This was because the boy was no ordinary human. He was a monster.

And he immediately transformed.


He turned into a two-headed dog that was called Orthros and started to tear the heads off of the goblins and orcs.


If Decarbia had only sent orcs and goblins here, they would have all been dead within minutes.


In fact, that is what had happened during previous attacks.

However, this time, the Demon King himself was here as well.


Orthros was a powerful monster, but not powerful enough to beat a Demon King.


When the five points of Decarbia’s body shone, the rays of light assaulted the monk.

It was so fast that Orthros was unable to dodge it, and his right leg was wounded.

And through that, he could no longer run.

He would die in the next hit.

It was right then, that a warrior cut at Decarbia.

Of course, it was the strongest warrior in the Ashtaroth army. Hijikata Toshizou.

He silently attacked.


It was as if he didn’t feel like the evil Demon King was worth addressing. However, Decarbia realized what was happening and blocked the attacks with a barrier.


Now he knew we were here.

I could feel the strength of his hatred towards us.


“So, it is Demon King Ashtaroth himself. My mortal enemy.”


“Mortal enemy sounds like a bit much. Our paths just happened to cross for a short moment.”


“I see. Yes, we Demon Kings live for hundreds of years, and so this will mean nothing in the long term.”


“That as well. However, you won’t live so long, Decarbia.”


Upon hearing these words, the five points of Decarbia’s body flashed an angry red.


“How dare you!”


Rays of light started to shoot towards us.

I quickly blocked them with a magic barrier.

I had let him escape last time. But I wouldn’t let it happen again.

This is where he would die.

It was with such feelings that I faced him.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Usually, the common cliche where the villain escapes doesn’t work a second time, but I didn’t think the battle would end so soon. Rather, I thought it would be a one-on-one showdown like with Eligos.

    [When I this out, Toshizou replied,] — Page 1
    * When I this out —> When I point this out

  2. Oh damn, I didn’t expect to see him show up so soon. Hope he dies so we don’t have to think about him anymore.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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