Ryusousha – 12


It was only after all of this that I was permitted to meet Her Majesty.

I understood the need for safety, but surely this could be simplified a little.


It made you never want to come back.


“But, it’s not like you are ever given any choice.”


We went through a few more rooms that were protected with magic, and then reached the audience chamber.

Well, it was an audience chamber exclusively for Shadows.


It had been made for no other purpose, but apparently looked just like the real one.

Around her, stood many men who were dressed in black.


“It’s an honor to meet you after so long, Your Majesty.”

I said as I kneeled.


She was already here. Waiting for me.


“Yes. Has it been 3 years?”

“It has.”


“I have heard reports of you thriving since taking up your father’s work. Harui must be very pleased.”

“I am not deserving of such high praise.”


“Leon. Would you show me your Dragon Mark?”

There was a sudden tension palpable in the room.


While it was me who was having an audience with the queen, there were many Left Hands around us.

From what I could see, there were 4 next to her, two on each side of me and 3 in the back.


But I could also sense that there were others behind the curtains.

How many were hiding? And did there need to be so many?


As for why I was able to sense that they were there, their bloodlust was thick in the air. They might as well have been shouting threats. Come any closer and we will kill you.


And so I decided to ignore the silent pressure from the Left Hands.

“Here it is, Your Majesty.”


I moved forward a few steps while still on my knees. And then I offered my hand so that she could see it.


“Yes, that is the Dragon Mark. It does not please me to have a capable Right Hand leave Sol, but this is your duty. I hope that you do it respectfully.”


“You need not worry, Your Majesty. I will give my all every day in order to meet your expectations.”

I said with a low bow.


“I am counting on you, Leon.”



Well, now that that was over. I could leave.


Maybe I could provoke the Left Hands a little first.

As I mused over such things…


“Well, that’s enough of that formal talk, Leon.”



“Let’s talk a little. How is Harui? He’s so stubborn, you know? He never visits me anymore. Oh, have you heard anything?”



What was this about?

Also, I don’t remember her personality being like this before.

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