Ryusousha – 14


Cold sweat dripping from his body, King Jahal called his Left Hands.

The Left Hands who guarded him were terrified, but insisted that there was nothing wrong with the security.


“Then who did it?”


He knew who had ordered it.

It was obvious.


But how had they gotten in?

Who carried it out?


He would never know.

But there was someone who was capable of slipping into the king’s room without being noticed by anyone.


And this warning.

If he reacted too boldly, the blades would close in on his neck.


“It was not one of us.”


The Left Hands said. What could they say?


“Speak of this to no one.”



He couldn’t go against someone who surpassed his Shadows.

The king was wise enough to understand that, at least.


The following year, King Jahal watched as Savane become a Dragon Master. And then he went into hiding.


Hif had been the leader of King Jahal’s Left Hands at the time. And so he met Harui for the first time once Savane became the new Queen.


“While you may have lived longer, you will work under Harui. Harui already knows everything about you.”


These were surprising words, but Hif was even more surprised when he saw Harui standing by the Queen.


“I have watched you for a while, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”


Someone who watched Hif. Hif, who was the King’s Shadow and never showed himself to others.

This meeting alone told Hif everything.


Queen Savane enjoyed talking with her Shadow.

She would even tease and joke with Harui sometimes.


Hif could see that their relationship was very relaxed.

Of course, Hif saw Harui as dangerous, and he gathered as much information as he could.


Eventually, he found out that Harui had originally come to assassinate the Queen, and that he had fallen in love.

The ‘fallen one.’ In other words, the assassin who had fallen in love at first sight. That was who Harui was.


And now, Harui’s 16-year-old son, who was also called ‘Shadow Crosser,’ had come to the Royal Capital.

And he had done so while bearing the Dragon Mark.


This son, Leon, had now been given complete absolution.

Hif knew too well what this meant.


“…Our men. Our power. And yet we cannot stop that boy.”

Hif became terribly depressed.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Imagine if leon is queen’s son, his title will be messed up so much lol dragon knight assassin baker prince

  2. Imagine fighting a dragon rider that can go inside shadows while riding his dragon~

    The only word that I can react to that is :F*ck~

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