Ryusousha – 18


From what I saw, she cleaned, went shopping, dealt with customers and also made deliveries. She really was a jack of all trades.


Apparently, she was also 24 years old and looking for a boyfriend.

So I was to introduce her to any young men that I was acquainted with.


I worked at the bakery until evening again and then returned to the dormitory.



Someone was in the room.


“Ah, so you must be my roommate. I’m Ark Royster. I came from the town of Hyuler.”


The boy in the room who greeted me was quite tall.

He was probably older than me. 17 or 18.


He had light red hair and pale skin.

His features seemed very northern.


“I’m Leon, from the town of Sol. If you’re my roommate, does that mean you’re a new first-year too?”


I hadn’t heard anything from the caretaker about the second-years returning.

If Ark came in just a few days after me, he was probably a new student.


“Yeah. I’m a first-year, just like you. Check out this Dragon Mark? Beautiful, eh? It’s proof that I was chosen.”


He lifted his shirt and showed me the mark on his ribs.

What a relief. For a second I thought he was going to strip for no reason.


“That Dragon Mark. The pattern is different from mine.”


“Of course, it is. A dragon put that mark there, after all. No two Dragon Marks are alike. Well, unless a dragon from the past reappears. That would be a different story.”


I see. I had not known about that.

So, the Dragon Mark was a mark to tell dragons apart.


“Your one looks very curled. Mine is three small circles within a large one.”

I said as I showed him my left hand.


“I see. Yours is a very rare type.”

“It is?”


“Mine is streamlined and made of curves. It’s normal for the parts that overlap to be pointed.”

Hmm. I see what he meant.


“So, what about mine?”


“It’s a complex type. I’m not quite sure. It looks like a mixture of circles and intersecting lines. Actually, yours looks a lot like the magic circles from Makoku.”

“A magic circle. Yeah, you’re right.”


“By the way, the size of the Dragon Mark varies from person to person, but it has nothing to do with what type of dragon you will acquire.”


“I heard that no one knows what kind they will get in advance.”

“That’s true. And isn’t that exciting?”


“I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”


“That’s no good. You should think about it. Also, you clearly need to brush up on this basic stuff. Or else, it’s an insult to the dragon.”


Hmm. I’m sure he was right.

Up until now, I was merely resolved about becoming a Dragon Master in the future. But I hadn’t spent much time thinking about what kind of Dragon Master I wanted to be.


And so I hadn’t put much effort into learning about the Dragon Mark.

“Alright, then. I can give you a simple lecture on such matters.”


Ark said magnanimously.

It seemed to me that he just wanted someone to listen to him talk?

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  1. Wow, the MC seems to be enjoying his days making bread… And he almost forgot the main reason why he came to the capital… I wonder what kind of dragon he’ll have? Anyway, thanks for this chapter!!

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