Ryusousha – 26


This was the first time that anyone outside of my father was able to sense me while I was diving in the shadows.

I tried to think of why, and couldn’t see how I had made any mistakes.


I heard bodies landing on the ground and the sounds of running.


However, there were people left as well. Two.

And so I moved out from within the shadows and slowly climbed the steps.




“How did you know I was here?”


I said out loud from under my black clothes. But no one answered me.

Hmm. Two against one. What should I do…


“It’s just one person. Are there any others?”

“I haven’t detected any. This one must be very confident.”


“He looks young.”

“But don’t let your guard down, Double.”


“Okay. Let’s deal with this.”


One of them was apparently called ‘Double.’ The younger one.

How about the other one? I hoped it was Through.


But I was not likely to get any answers by trying to strike up a conversation. I wasn’t sure how to move from here.

Provoking them was always an option.


“Well, I heard there was some idiot playing in the castle recently.”

No answer.


I inspected them carefully.


Both of them were wearing normal civilian clothes.

The older one seemed to be about forty…no, maybe older. There was white in his hair.


The other appeared to be in his mid-twenties. Close to my brother in law.

He had a fine face that was rather long.


And his eyes had the ice blue color that was often found in pure-blooded Makoku people.

Perhaps he came from a long line of magicians.


I continued to provoke them.


“I suppose you’re too scared to talk. Why don’t you just surrender while you can?”


“Shut up. You’re just the she-monkey’s dog.”


The older man spat.

Yes, he was the one had detected me and raised his voice.


“You found your way into the castle but got scared and ran away. It’s rather adorable to see you here now, shivering with fear.”


“I left because I had accomplished my goal. You’re one to boast, with such a pathetic barrier.”

“I don’t know about that. I’m quite sure you were driven out. You couldn’t go any further than you did.”


“That’s ridiculous. I could have easily broken through the other barriers.”

He was biting.


“So, you are Through, after all.”



That’s when he realized that he had said too much.

I felt the anger well up within him, as well as the will to kill.


“I came to kill you, Through. Care to make this easy for me?”


I unleashed my own murderous aura.

I thought he would run, but he moved straight towards me.


Well, then. It was time to fight.

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