Ryusousha – 27

Chapter 27


It was just Through who attacked me.

He was fast, considering his age. But that was only compared to most people.


I gripped my sword and whipped it horizontally.


My counter landed as he closed in, and blood began to drip from Through’s right arm.

It looked decently deep.


Huh? He was surprisingly weak.

I was sure he would have blocked or dodged the attack. But it just went right into him.




His enraged expression did not look like an act.


“Are you really that weak?”

I muttered audibly. Through’s face contorted even more.


“I am a magician. Close-quarters combat is not my expertise.”


He said as he backed away. Then he and Double glanced at each other, and then they both dove out of the window.


“…Well, well. What is going on here?”


Yes, he may have been a magician. But he was too weak, considering he was the one who attacked first.

Was he having a bad day?

Regardless, I was not about to let them escape.


And so I melted into the shadows once again.




“While we were two against one, we would have lost if we kept fighting.”

“I underestimated him because he was so young. So that is the strength of a Ryukoku assassin.”


Through and Double had escaped to a corner where the poor citizens lived. It was on the outskirts of the commercial district.

Through was carefully wiping the blood that ran from his arm so he could cover it.


I watched them quietly, but had to hold back the urge to protest.


Yes, I had been trained by my father to become an assassin.

Some of that training was so brutal that I nearly gave up.


Sometimes it wasn’t even a matter of living or dying. I was put in environments where it seemed like I had no course left to me but death.


There were many times that I felt I had only survived due to luck.

That was my life up until now.


And so their conversation seemed very odd to me.

What kind of soft people were they?


“…! He’s right there!”


Damn, he found me.

I was hiding in the shadows, and yet he still knew exactly where I was. It clearly wasn’t instinct.


“I suppose I should expect nothing less of you, Through.”

I said as I showed myself.

It must have been Through’s magic that allowed him to see me.


“So, you can use magic as well!”

The younger one shouted. It was Double.


“Yeah. It’s not like only people from Makoku can use magic.”


Though, in my case, my father was from Makoku and could use magic, so the potential was high. Not that this was something they needed to know.


“Tsk. Let’s go!”

Double nodded at Through’s words.


But I had no intention of allowing that.

And so I scattered pebbles at their feet.


These were the brutal kind, as they were covered in thin needles. They would hurt if you stepped on them.

Not only that, but they were hooked, meaning you couldn’t pull them out easily.



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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