Ryusousha – 32


The lady said mercilessly to Mira


“As I said…”

“Very well, Madam. We will deliver the bread as soon as it is ready.”


“Hey? Leon!?”


“Of course, you will. You should have said so from the beginning.”

The noblewoman said with satisfaction and then exited the store.


The bread would be ready in about half an hour.

I could deliver some of it to them.


It wasn’t really any trouble for me.


“Hey, Leon. Why are you listening to the demands of such a person!”

While the noblewoman had been pleased, now Mira was the one that was upset.

And it felt like placating her would be harder work.


“Dealing with customers is part of the business. Things aren’t always fair.”

“I know that! But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to everything they say.”


“That’s true. But on this occasion, the person was a noble from out of town. In other words, she doesn’t have to worry about her reputation in the city as much as others, but still holds a degree of power.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, I was thinking that she might antagonize us. Slander from commoners might be ignored, but when it comes to nobles, it could reach the government offices. For instance, she could claim there were sanitary concerns and have us investigated. That won’t be good for business at all. We could be labeled as the bakery that causes trouble with nobles. There could be other accusations that we’ll be forced to answer for as well.”




“I don’t know if it will go that far, but nothing good will come out of upsetting them. And so I thought that if I could settle the matter by making a delivery, then I would do it.”


Mira did not look entirely convinced, but the matter had already been settled.


“…Oh, well. It’s not like she’s actually going to see anyone even if she waits outside.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”


“It’s well known that people like that exist. And so access will be restricted in that area. It won’t matter if you’re a noble or a merchant. You won’t be allowed to go inside. No, that’s wrong. It’s made specifically to eliminate people with middling amount of power.”


While they would be Dragon Masters in a year, many were just commoners.

And so it was difficult for some of them to reject the offers of nobles.


It was because of this that contact was kept at a minimum.


“I see.”


“I suppose they generally want to keep First-Years isolated. That’s why the Royal Academy exists. In fact, if you want to meet Dragon Masters so much, you should enter the Royal Academy. Of course, it is terribly difficult to do it. The competition is unthinkable.”


It was very expensive and the tests were difficult.

You have to be born into wealth and have had private tutors from a very young age in order to get in.


In fact, the competition level had never gone below ten. It was often fifteen or twenty times more difficult to get in than other schools.


“It sure seems hard to meet a Dragon Master.”

“Yes. Which is why so many people are desperate. Of course, for some reason, there is one right here who is working part-time.”


“And what’s wrong with that?”


I asked. Mira let out a deep sigh.

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  1. This one of the very few novel that have good degree of reality on it….most other fantasy novel tend to over praise act where the mc mc stands or antagonizes noble so much
    Thanks for the update

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    As someone that works in a supermarket bakery this scene really hit home. I have seen situations very similar to what happened here.

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