Ryusousha – 37


“…I see. Class observations…”


As I listened to the instructors talking, I learned something interesting.

Us First-Years would be allowed many opportunities to watch the Second-Years during their lessons.


We would be able to see how they handled their dragons.

That’s why about half of the Second-Year instructors were here now.


I had heard that there were about 31 Second-Year students.

I was looking forward to seeing Thane and Marty with their dragons.


Of course, that meant that we would be the ones who were watched the following year.

You’d be a laughing stock if you couldn’t do things right.


Watching was fun, but… Yes, this system left me a little conflicted.


Once the instructors were finished introducing themselves, we moved on to the oath.

I wondered who was going to do it.


“Probably the oldest one.”


The person that stepped forward looked like the oldest student in the line.


The Head Teacher stood in the front and the other instructors stood behind.

Then the student walked onto the stage and raised his right hand.


He recited the oath in a loud, strong voice. He expressed joy at becoming a Dragon master, his determination to fulfill his duty, and the will to work hard. 


There was great applause as he returned to the line.

In the end, we were all to recite the ‘Five Articles for Dragon Masters,’ and the ceremony would be finished.




The five articles for Dragon Masters.

I hadn’t really memorized that yet.

I wouldn’t be able to do it here, of all places.


Regardless, we were to recite it in front of everyone.


No one told me about this…


Well, I suppose it was one of those things that everyone already knew by heart.

So no one thought it was necessary to tell me.


“Uhh, what was it again?”


There was something about doing your best, I think.

And what was after that?


And so I was left in the dust as the others began to recite the Five Articles.


‘The Five Articles that Dragon Masters must follow.


1, Serve your country whole-heartedly

2, Fight the Moon Beasts without mercy

3, Protect the weak

4, Be faithful towards your contract

5, Be good to your dragon’


Yes, I didn’t know half of them.

I’d memorize them later, but all I could do was lipsync for now.


I sighed in relief when it was done. Then I turned towards the guests, and my eyes met Princess Saranu’s.

She was smiling.


Apparently, she had witnessed my shame.


The princess, of all people… As I thought about this, the ceremony ended.

It was a rather terrible way to end things.


And so we First-Years left the auditorium as a storm of applause surrounded us.

Everyone seemed so proud.


I was probably the only one there that was in a dark mood.


Outside, there were many students waiting for us to come out.

At this point, I couldn’t even smile politely.


“I’m going to run away again.”


And so I erased my presence and escaped the line.

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