Ryusousha – 42


When I returned to the dormitory, Thane was already awake.

“You’re up early. Where have you been?”


“I was helping out at a friend’s bakery.”

“Helping at a bakery… Why would you do that?”

Thane was usually very calm, but he was quite surprised now.


“My father’s a baker, and he used to train at this place. That’s why.”

“But baking isn’t a necessary skill for being a Dragon Master.”


“That’s true, but old habits die hard. And it’s not as if Dragon Masters aren’t allowed to have hobbies, right?”

“…I suppose.”


“I’ll be careful so that it doesn’t interfere with my life in the Academy.”

“That would be for the best. Well, I better go and train.”

Thane had just picked up his sword. I see. So that’s why he got up early.


Dragon Masters didn’t fight directly.

After all, your weapon would not reach anyone when you were on the back of a dragon.


There were some Dragon Masters who used bows, but it was rather pointless since they didn’t do any damage to Moon Beasts.

It was said that Dragon Masters should prioritize the controlling of their dragons, and not their own ability in the art of combat.

Especially when you were still young.


In other words, Thane’s obsession with his sword was just a hobby as well.


He left the room, and so I finished getting changed.

As for breakfast and lunch, I didn’t need to worry about that, because Mister Rob had given me some bread.


“Right, I need to get some gloves.”


They couldn’t be Dragon Master gloves, but normal gloves.

If I could hide the Dragon Mark with them, then I would be able to go out into town without a problem.


And so I walked to the store.


It was on the first floor of the dormitory. They had a great variety of items now.

There was food, preserved food, and daily necessities. There were also school supplies and things that only Dragon Masters would use.


“It really was just a small portion of what they usually sell.”


I headed to the back of the clothes area, where they sold items made of leather.


“If I want tanned leather, this one seems to be the thinnest.”


I grabbed an expensive pair of craftsman gloves.

The ones I usually wore were thick and uncomfortable.

While this was a little expensive, I wanted to pick something that was good.


“I’ll take…these…?”


I passed the gloves to the clerk and then froze.


“Yes. Thank you very much.”


My brother in law said with a grin.

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