Ryusousha – 52


Things were said on both sides.

The argument began to escalate and their voices rose higher and higher.

Apparently, they had a huge audience after a while.


But the fight ended when recess did.


However, Miss Rosanna continued to whisper her lies into the ears of others, and every time, Linda would confront her about it. This was all very public knowledge at this point.


“You are saying that I’ve been had…? What do you mean?”

“I never mentioned you by name.”


Rosanna didn’t know who Linda was.


That day on the terrace, it was just three of us First-Years and Miss Rosanna.


In other words, no one in her school could say that she was lying.


Miss Rosanna had detected several things from my attitude and decided to spread some lies in order to smoke Linda out.

And Linda had fallen for it.


And that wasn’t all of it.

She had pulled Linda up into the same fighting ring.


“You fought her during recess, right? That’s like declaring that you’re rivals with the same footing. I don’t know. At least, that’s how the others will see it.”




Linda must have been very shocked to be put on the same level as the infamous and hated Rosanna. Her mouth dropped open.


“Maybe it was also a way of suggesting that anyone who goes against her will then be seen as her equal. In the same circle. Now, she is going to be strongly associated with me.”


After thinking about this for a while, Linda’s shoulders drooped.

“I understand now…I was careless!”


“It was a battle of information in a way. But I suppose she got the upper hand for the first round.”





“I’ve lived in this city for a long time now. I know about what happened at the end of the year.”

“One of my classmates knew about it. It’s well-known, right?”


The great incident regarding the attention of a Dragon Master.

And this was between proud nobles as well.

Well, it would have been an entertaining story for many.


“I saw it as soon as I entered the school… She was looking forward. Those weren’t the eyes of someone enduring a punishment. The odd looks and the rumors seemed like they didn’t affect her at all.”


She was strong. But I realized something else as well.

The suspension wouldn’t stop her.

The insulting words of others were not going to phase her.


“In spite of her reputation, her eyes were so clear.”


Most people would have probably fled from the school.

Even if they didn’t, they would look down as they walked and would have vacant eyes.


But Linda remembered seeing Rosanna for the first time.


“She is strong. I think that too.”

Though I didn’t know her very well.


“And so… If it were anyone else that was spreading those rumors, I would have laughed and said they were just embarrassing themselves. But not her. My blood began to boil, and before I knew it, I was confronting her.”


Linda hugged herself and shivered.


“So, you think she’s a strong enemy?”

“She not only has the strength to act, but she has a heart that will not break.”


Linda let out a long sigh.

It seemed like she wasn’t in the mood to say anymore. And some time passed as we sat there silently.


“It’s getting late. I should go.”

“Yes… Thank you for meeting me today.”


Linda had been very quiet for a while, but the sight of her growling angrily as we separated would stay on my mind for a while.

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  1. things sure escalated quickly O.o
    why didnt Linda just claim Leon outright..
    making clear what is their relationship surely the best thing to do now.

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!

    • I guess it’s because Leon hasn’t really decided on Linda. And I don’t think a Patron candidate can just claim a dragon master, the final say still needs to come out from Leon’s mouth..

    • I think it is because Leon has not decided on her, and if she forced the issue now then he might say NO. Remember Leon has flinched or lowered his impression of her each time she started pursuing him as a dragon rider (presumably he wants her to love him for his diligent baking skills that he has earned through over a decade of dedicated training, rather than trying to bag him for his Dragon Rider status that was thrust upon him against his will).

      Of course i could have totally misread the situation and he is just waiting for her to show some initiative and have her sweep him off his feet, but that feels out of character to me.

  2. I think he should send her something, with a note, explaining how Rosanna presumed there could be relationship, etc. Something that paints Rosanna as desperate and pathetic. Send Linda a gift with it, so people would ask about the gift, and then she would have a reason to “casually” show them the note. Then let the rumor mill do its thing.

    But don’t send bread. It would be bad if someone traced it to the bakery.

  3. Leon should just choose Linda already. He was already leaning towards her anyways. I don’t know why he’s putting it off. He knows that all Patronages have at least some element of them using the Dragon Master so wouldn’t it be better if your Patron is somebody you already know because then you have an idea of what they might want from you? The longer he drags this out, the more annoying it will be because he can get dragged into disputes like this one between Rosanna and Linda and he’ll keep having to attend the remaining gatherings where he’ll have to keep looking for a chance to slip out. Plus it ain’t good to hope that if he doesn’t pick a Patron, that the Queen will assign him one and hope that the Patron will be someone he can get along with.

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