Ryusousha – 57


That was an odd way to put it. But it was fine, as long as she wasn’t an enemy.

However, we were the same age, but she was definitely keeping her distance.


Well, it was no wonder, considering how we met.


As Anis was a blacksmith, I decided that I would order my Dragon Master armor from her, come next year.

Maybe then, we could become friends.


A few days passed, and Anis finished adjusting the armor of the Second-Years. Which meant she no longer came to the school.

And so it was time for the advance party to leave.




My routine work. My early morning part-time job.

It was just as I finished up with the dough and was thinking about returning to the dormitory. The bakery’s mascot(that was what she claimed to be) Mira, started to talk to me.


“I heard that you’re going out on a military exercise?”


“Yes, I told Mister Rob about it. We leave in five days. The whole thing will last for fifteen days. Half of that will be spent camping outdoors. But I guess it also depends on whether the Moon Beasts show up. I don’t really know the details.”


“You better be careful. I hear that people get injured every year.”

“It’s the Second-Years that are going to do all the fighting. And there will be veterans watching over them. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”



“Got it. I’ll be careful.”


Mira had been softening up recently and would occasionally worry about me.

Perhaps it was because she was now the mascot.


“And father was so happy that his job is easier now, so you better come back quickly.”

“Yeah. I feel really calm when I’m here. So I’ll come back as soon as I can.”


“You better.”

She said, a little forcefully.


It really wasn’t necessary. I had every intention of returning.

However, Mira made me promise this at least three times before the departure date.


Indeed, the hardest part about baking was preparing the dough.


It wasn’t bad if it was just a small amount, but when you were making enough to be used in multiple ovens, the whole process of kneading could be very tiring, even for an adult.


And since you had to do it several times a day, it took a lot of energy.


And it wasn’t something you could cut corners on either. There was a trick to doing it quickly, but you needed a lot of energy and endurance to get to that point.


The reason that Mira wasn’t allowed to do it yet, was because her strength wasn’t able to stay the same until the end.

She would run out of stamina and her kneading would become too weak.


Regardless, the military exercise was approaching.


But first, there was one event that awaited us First-Years that we could not miss.

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