Ryusousha – 61


“Let’s try this first.”

I melted into the shadows.

After losing me, the Moon Beast’s eyes looked around.


So, magic was effective.

In that case…maybe I had a chance.


The night was my domain.

I could appear anywhere and attack as I pleased.


I aimed for the Moon Beast’s joints and used Shadow Blade.

However, no matter how I cut, the blades would not penetrate its skin.


“So, sword attacks are meaningless.”


Well, it wasn’t surprising that human strength wasn’t enough. That’s why Dragon Masters existed.

What was amazing was the ease at which a dragon’s claws tore through them.


And so I gave up using swords and tried to think of a way to stop it from moving.


I created shadows by its feet.


The Moon Beast started to sink. In surprise, it tried to pull its feet out, but was unable to.

Once a person fell into Shadow Pit, there was no getting out on your own.


“Hmm. It doesn’t work either.”


While the legs sunk into the shadows, that was all.

The sinking stopped before its whole body went in.


My current Shadow Pit magic had its limit.

Perhaps I would be able to improve on it later, but with the strength I had now, sinking the entire body would be too difficult.


“…So…I don’t have many options left. Even if I can’t kill it, I was hoping to be able to stop it.”


It was a Moon Beast. It would escape the Shadow Pit soon enough.

I didn’t have much time.


Well, I could try hitting it with my most powerful attack.


“I’ve only recently learned how to do it, but if this doesn’t work, then I’ll have to give up.”


It did more damage than anything else I could do.

However, as it only moved in a straight line, I wasn’t sure how practical it would be in actual combat.


And so, while the Moon Beast was still caught in my Shadow Pit, I unleashed Shadows Claw.


A pitch-black claw lashed at the Moon Beast.

It went through the shadows and reached it…


“It’s no use, huh?”


It bounced off the surface of the Moon Beast.

It had very high defense, and the force of the attack was not strong enough.

I felt a little depressed.


“I’m not really good at front-facing attacks. Or maybe it’s because its skin is that much harder than normal.”


While this was my first battle with a Moon Beast, it showed me that there was nothing I could do against it.


As I watched, it began to pull itself out of the Shadow Pit.

Time was up.


“Even if father couldn’t kill it, he would have been able to stop it. No…he’d find a way to defeat it.”


Thinking about it made me even more irritated.


Yes, there was a massive difference in terms of experience, but I was starting to think that he wouldn’t even struggle that much if he were fighting one.

I could imagine him fighting without breaking a sweat.


“Well, that’s it for tonight.”

As soon as the Moon Beast was free, I blew into my whistle.


The sound of it tore through the night and echoed everywhere.


“…Damn it. And the Makoku magicians can kill these with just magic? That’s the kind of enemy we’re expecting to face?”


I could hear voices getting louder from far away.

I would leave the rest to them. I wanted to see how they would take it down.


That’s what I thought as I glared at the enraged Moon Beast.

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Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Here is some out of place artwork. Next Chapter will have an actual picture of the Moon Beasts.


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  1. Thanks for the new translated chapter!!
    I am thinking that the magicians from Makoku and dragon masters should work together to defeat the moon beasts.. Only if they will work together…

  2. When I first heard about these things falling from a metal moon I pictured them more mechanical like a Transformer. Instead they’re apparently usually animal-shaped metal and rock monsters.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, imagine the heart attacks that would create in the castle if he reported that he actually killed one of them.

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