Ryusousha – 64


“I see. Maybe it was just a specific angle that betrayed them.”


“Something like that. Aside from their unfamiliarity with it, Dragon Masters patrol this area regularly as they search for Moon Beasts, so they managed to get the upper hand this time.”


“I see. It’s their experience, then.”


“But we haven’t sent any scouts. We don’t want them to notice us and move. Since we know where they are, we’re thinking about waiting for sundown and then launching an ambush.”

We were lucky to have found them first.


“I’m assuming it would be best if I went too.”

“Yeah. I want you to scout.”


“Got it. Could you tell me what the security situation is like here? Also information about the surrounding area. I don’t want to find out that there is a detached force or for there to be sudden changes in personnel.”


“As we wanted the enemy to know about this facility, we purposely hired a lot of people from a nearby town. There are also Right Hands working among them secretly. And we also have soldiers to help protect the civilians. The soldiers who live in this area are used to being cautious. They’re more reliable than most.”


“That sounds good. And how are the defenses of the facility?”


“I can’t really say. It was built mostly with Moon Beasts in mind, and so it doesn’t offer the best view of the outside. I think it could be dangerous to wait for the enemy here. It would be easy to lose them once they got inside.”


“Yes, from what little I’ve seen it does look like there are a lot of places you can hide.”


No matter where you looked, there was a wall or building blocking your view.


Important facilities were usually built more carefully so that there weren’t so many blind spots. But I guess this place was different.


“Dragons are sensitive to outsiders, but don’t rely too heavily on them.”


“If these soldiers are so trustworthy, maybe you should put more of them on patrol duty.”

“I told them to secure the area as if they were training to protect an important person.”


“That’s good. How many Shadows are here?”


“There are 12 who can fight. However, there is only aside from you who has an alias.”


“Do we know the number of our enemy?”

“We doubt there are many. Our estimate would be between 7 and 15.”


And we had 12. It would be a good fight.

The side who was able to take the other by surprise would have a great advantage.


“Right Hands in the Royal Capital tend to be…rather peculiar. They lack subtlety in my opinion. And so I’ll probably have to rely on you a lot.”


Apparently, there weren’t many Right Hands who could find those who hid in shadows.


“I don’t mind, but how strong are they?”

“It depends, but don’t expect it to be easy. I think it will be tough fighting a magician, even if it’s one on one.”


Most assassination targets for Shadows were amateurs who had no combat training.

Right Hands prioritized the ability to infiltrate places.


Of course, it could mean big trouble if they suddenly did have to fight, and so Right Hands were trained to fight every day as well.


However, they rarely fought each other while on a mission.


“That’s about all I am able to tell you.”


“Fine. Thanks, Christan. I guess I should go out and scout the area now?”


He had said that the Right Hands that were here had already finished patrolling the area.

Currently, we could leave the premises to them, while I would look for and observe the enemy.


I was introduced to the Right Hands who worked here as cooks and cleaners.

They were from the nearby town. 

They would work here until the exercise was over.


“Also, aside from them, we hired 4 Right Feet. They won’t be able to do much in terms of combat, but they should be able to help as scouts.”


“That’s good. So that’s 5, including you. Though, while they can take care of monitoring and communications, I’m not sure they can cover the entire facility. But I suppose it’s better than relying entirely on detection magic.”


“There’s too much to worry about if we lie in wait here. It would be best if we can be the ones to ambush them.”


“Understood. Alright, I’ll go and see what they are doing.”


And with that, I melted into the shadows.

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  1. Honestly Makoku’s plan seems rather foolish. They’re having their people travel along the entire Moon Shadow Road instead of just crossing into it near where they have learned that the students will be. Going along the entire road just needlessly increases the chances of them encountering Moon Beasts and dying which would be a major blow to the country since they don’t actually have that many mages and they’ve sent many on this mission. Even if they are strong enough to deal with them, they’d probably need to use very large magic attacks that patrolling Dragon Masters might be able to spot. Well they’ve already lost the element of surprise because of the flying dragons and will now be counter-ambushed.

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