Ryusousha – 69


I had been watching carefully to see what he would do next. And it was almost too late.

The enemy was running, and I could see that the grove ended just up ahead.


“At this distance, the people watching from the mountains will see him immediately.”


The enemy was running at full speed and had already put quite a bit of distance between us. And I had let it happen in spite of knowing his intention! I had to end this here no matter what.


But the trees were still in the way, and so I couldn’t use my knife.

I could still try to throw it at his legs. But he would get away if I missed.


“Hmm. No, I can’t do it.”

He knew how to run and be a difficult target.


Then how about this?

I activated Shadow Blade at the running enemy.

My right hand melted into the shadows and then reappeared in front of him.




Frantic, he swung his sword in front of him, but it was too late.

I could feel the sensation of something being cut.


“Did I get him?”


I had to swing based on my prediction of where he would be. But it was really just a gamble.

The enemy fell to the ground.


It seemed that I had cut him shoulder to chest, and when I caught up with him, he was already dead.


“…Phew. I need more training.”

I almost ruined everything by allowing him to escape.


After a short while, Christan and the others arrived.


“So, you killed both of them.”


“He started to run suddenly, so I became frantic.”

“Well, you did a good job. Especially since you did it within the grove.”


“Yeah. Now there are eight of them left. If possible, I want to do something about the two that are guarding the mountain.”


“That won’t be possible since they have magic barriers. You can’t expect everything to go so smoothly.”


The entire mountain was surrounded by a detection barrier.

It was especially dangerous because it covered the surface of the ground. It would detect you no matter which direction you moved in.

And there was no point in deactivating it because the person who set it would be alerted immediately.


“Sorry to keep you busy, but could you go and monitor the rocky mountain as well?”

“If it’s just me.”


Apparently, no one else here was able to get past the detection barrier.

In any case, as the enemy were also watching with their eyes, they would see anyone who got close, even if they could get past the barrier.


“That’s fine. The best we can hope for is to take one of them down before getting caught.”


The enemy was watching without moving at all.

So it would be easy to come up behind them.


“I think I can do it.”

However, I would be caught immediately. And if the Shadows took too long to arrive, then I would be in trouble.


“The rest of us will charge in as soon as we confirm that the first guard is down. Though, there is also a possibility that the enemy will all scatter and run away again.”

I nodded at Christan’s suggestion.


“That’s true.”

If that happens, we’ll have to send the Dragon Masters after them. But I would prefer it if our group could handle it. Got it?”


The other Shadows nodded. It seemed like Christan was their leader.


Was he actually pretty high-ranking?

It seemed very unlikely that some countryside Right Foot would have any authority over Shadows from the royal capital.


Well, it was a good time to ask.

“About this plan, it was you who brought the order, right?”

“Yes. Why?”


“Are you also commanding this operation then? Why would they let you do that?”

‘Ah, that’s what you mean.’ He said with a satisfied expression and then patted me on the head.


“Well, since I was already put on the Grim Reaper, who has complete absolution, I assume it was only natural to be put me in charge of Shadow Crosser as well. Besides, it’s your powers that are the backbone of this operation. Considering all the facts, it makes sense to put me in charge, as I know the most about you.”


Because I had an alias while being so young, people saw me as being quite capable.

Not only that, but it seemed like my father was quite well known as well.


So, for ordinary Shadows, perhaps it was like going on a mission with the elite.

No wonder I was mostly made to move on my own.


“I’m really not that strong.”

“…You. Are you being serious?”



I had only been working for a little over three years. You could call me a rookie.


“Very well, my ‘not-that-strong’ brother-in-law. If you could just go out and get rid of the guards now. We’ll follow you in full force as soon as we see movement.”



And then I melted into the shadows.

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  1. Yeah, like the other guy said
    This chapter is pretty “nice”

    Thanks for the “nice” translation!


  2. But what is his standard of strength? He’s been told again and again that his power is out of the norm and he keeps ignoring it because he isn’t as strong as his pops. Like shouldn’t he have some kind of idea how out of the norm he as a Shadow is?

    I mean yes he can’t get rid of a moon beast on his own, but as a Shadow without a dragon he can stand his ground against a moon beast. That’s impossible for like everyone, probably even the second years with their dragons.

    • He doesnt realize it maybe coz that’s the teaching of his father, and he believed everything his father said, like a brat he is.

      Father said, “to be a baker, you need to also be an assasin!”
      And of course he answered, “Yes!” Without an ounce of doubt.

      It’s all Harui’s fault! 😂😆

      • I’m sure he knows exactly how strong he is, however he’s certain that there are plenty of people that are stronger. And he’s not exactly wrong as there are the likes of his father and basilisk. Also you frogot that his accesement includes the fact that makokku uses mages to kill the moonbeasts in their territory.
        I think his attitude is good, as you never know if there is someone stronger around, also this way he’ll not let his guard down out of arrogance (like thinking he’s the strogest and thus getting done in by someone he just assumed to be weaker). Also like this he won’t stop trying to become stronger.

  3. I will admit it took me a while to figure out why there were all these comments saying “Nice” until I remembered what the chapter number was >.>

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