Ryusousha – 70

Chapter 70


“…He’s gone then.”


Christan Rozite let out a deep sigh.

He and the other Right Feet that were participating in this mission had almost no combat ability.


The job of a Right Foot was to monitor and report.

Usually, they would be making sure that there weren’t other eyes watching, and sniffing out traitors and stopping the enemy from escaping.


Because of this, it was only the Right Hands that actually did any fighting.

And so he knew what this meant.

The success of this attack depended largely on Leon’s ability.


“I don’t understand why he thinks of himself as weak.”



Christan muttered. The Right Hands that were there remained silent.


He had killed Thousand Needles and forced Foul Eater to submit.

All of the Right Hands in the royal capital knew of this.


A Shadow with an alias was not the kind of person that could be easily beat.

And so if it had seemed easy to him, that was because there was a big difference in strength.


Not only that, but he was able to freely move in and out of the innermost places of the royal palace. He toyed with the Left Hands and easily stopped them from invading their own turf. This was all well known.


His ability had been proven.

But that wasn’t all.


His father was none other than Grim Reaper. The man who was said to be Her Majesty’s strongest Shadow. It had only been three years since Leon had taken his father’s place. And at thirteen years of age, he had fought and disarmed multiple Right Hands.


Once the rumors spread among the Shadows, there were none who took the name Shadow Crosser lightly.

While he himself did not seem too aware of it, he had done more than enough to be recognized as an enemy to avoid.


And so when assembling the team, it was inevitable that ‘Shadow Crosser’ would be the center in terms of combat.

Christan knew Leon very well, and the Right Feet trusted him. And so he had been chosen for the job.


The other Right Hands had no issue with it. You only needed to hear some of the stories to know that there was no point in interfering, due to some misplaced ambition.

The moment they got in his way, their heads would fly. They understood that.


And so he was someone they could trust to take the lead.

In fact, he was taking care of the enemy guards right now.


“The enemy will retaliate with everything they have. They would not have traveled down this dangerous Shadow Moon Road in such numbers if they were not desperate. Their own lives are not important in comparison to accomplishing their mission. Still, we have to stop them.”


The Shadows nodded. There were twelve Right Hands and four Right Feet.


“First, the Right Hands. Shadow Crosser will take out the first guard on the mountain. That’s when the battle will begin and we will all charge forward. You will have to make decisions on your own, but kill every single one of them.”




“And then you Right Feet. I want you to all quickly scatter around the mountain. You don’t have to fight. However, watch so that no one escapes.”



Christan looked through the trees and at the mountain.


“The distance is about one kilometer from here. Half of it will be an upward climb. I’m counting on you all.”


They waited a little longer, and then saw movement on top of the mountain.

Leon had started his attack.


“Alright, let’s go.”

Christan said, and they all moved at once.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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