Ryusousha – 71


The large cloth was like a hardened ball that rolled down the hallway.

The giant object now blocked anyone from passing it. And the soldiers behind it were forced to stop.

The sphere had the weight of ten soldiers. It would be difficult to move.


As the palace soldiers struggled with it, Luknos and Imelda continued on their way.


“Those rumored Shadows have not appeared yet.”

“Either they are being summoned now or they are setting traps for us.”


“Maybe they have left the city in order to protect the young Dragon Masters?”

“That’s true. The attack over there has likely already started.”


Makoku had tried to keep the attack a secret.

However, information traveled when people moved.


And so they had been careful to ensure that even if the information did leak, it would only be about the plan to attack the students of the Dragon Academy.


In fact, up until the very last moment, Luknos and Imelda were the only ones who knew of the attack on the palace.

Up until the last moment, they had traveled with the team who would attack the students. And they had separated in a wasteland where no eyes were watching.


The king of Makoku knew that Ryukoku had great ability when it came to gathering information.

They would surely detect some movement.


That was why it was only the king, Luknos, and Imelda who knew. As long as they didn’t talk, then the plan wouldn’t get out.


“Now, it’s just a little farther until we reach the audience chamber. If she is not there, she will likely be in her private chamber in the back.”

“Yes, the person we are looking for will surely be there.”


The palace was in chaos. Sounds of fighting and objects breaking could be heard everywhere. As were the screams.

Their purpose was to take the queen’s head. That was all.


The other elites that were with them had one order. Block off her escape routes.

They had taken years to gain information about this palace. And they were using it all now.

This mission had to succeed at all costs.



Luknos opened the door that led to the audience chamber.

So, those must be the much-rumored Shadows. They tensed up a little.


“They were waiting here all along. Should we just ask them?”


“They are Ryukoku’s Shadows. Their mouths won’t open even if you torture them. So we must exterminate them and keep moving.”

“Very well. Allow me…”


Imelda said as she took one step forward.

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  1. Well I can see that their intelligence gathering is nowhere near as good as Ryukoku’s. If they knew that Harui is guarding the queen, they’d’ve sent more than just 2 of the 13 steps and they also haven’t found out that both of Makoku’s entire plans have already been known since before they even began to carry them out.

    • He was called by the queen because she suspected they might attak her at the same time as their other plan she didn’t actually know about that part. Also given his skills it would be nearly impossible to track him. Plus they might have done the same even if they knew as they are desperate, as they need to win before their country gets destroyed by the shift

  2. Thanks fro the chapter. I have to wonder the effectivenes of this plan, I mean since they are known by the public, once this attack fails ‘The Nation of Dragons’ will have enough excuse to star a large scale war with ‘The Nation of magic’ given that they openly attempted to assesinate one leader, do they really wish for war that strongly???

    • The point is they need to win aganist them before they get done in by the shift. It’s either that or needing to heavily depend on other countries for food, which basically puts them at the mercy of others.

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