Shatei Kyokufuri – 10


361: Anonymous Runner 

Why did they even put that gorilla on a map for beginners?

It threw shit at us once and annihilated my party.

Also, did they need to make it smell so bad…?

362: Anonymous Runner

And it’s also strong and pretty smart.

Beginners won’t be able to beat it, even in a party.

But it’s so gross that advanced players won’t bother.

363: Anonymous Runner

That’s why we wanted to do it.

Surely we would get a rare item from it…

But someone beat us to it.

364: Anonymous Runner


Maybe management just quietly removed it?”

365: Anonymous Runner


I doubt it.

We saw traces of a battle having occurred.

Including poop everywhere.

366: Anonymous Runner

Well, then it’s like you said. Someone killed it.

There are tens of thousands of players. So there are bound to be some with a screw loose.

367: Anonymous Runner

I checked all the threads for party invites and there was nothing about fighting the gorilla.

And I didn’t see anything within the game either.

Was it some guild?

Or maybe some loner did it by accident…

368: Anonymous Runner


Well, that can happen.

369: Anonymous Runner


I doubt advanced players would be messing around so close to an event. It was likely some mid-level party.

370: Anonymous Runner


That’s probably it.

But what’s strange is that there were no traces of magic being used or even that many footprints. It didn’t seem like there were a lot of people fighting.

371: Anonymous Runner

Maybe it’s some crazy skill that we haven’t seen yet.

372: Anonymous Runner

There’s still a lot that is unknown regarding the skills in this game.

And people are saying that there are many ways of acquiring the same skill.

Perhaps there are even skills that are unique to a player.

373: Anonymous Runner

Having unique skills in an MMO is both unfair and unheard of. However, it almost feels as if anything could happen in this new age of VR.

374: Anonymous Runner


Well, if you don’t like it, you can always go to another game.

375: Anonymous Runner

It’s because you can get skills in this game that hardly anyone else has, that makes this game enjoyable as a spectator as well.

So I’m really looking forward to the next battle royale event.

The players who have already reached their third job at this point are bound to put on a great show.

376: Anonymous Runner

I’m so glad they separate beginners, mid-levels, and high rankers during the event.

The last place I want to be is on the same battlefield with players who have three jobs.

377: Anonymous Runner

Well, it’s entertaining to watch.

But I’d have to give up my social life if I wanted to compete with them.

378: Anonymous Runner

Well, I better get back to the game and prepare for the event.

 ◆ ◆ ◆

While he didn’t know it, Kyuji was starting to become a subject of conversation.

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    • They’ll be suspecting Kyuji during the Battle Royale when he makes it far despite being an archer and he uses his special poop scented skill against his opponents.

  1. > cliche of other people talking about mc which is weirdly prevalent in mmo novels for no apparent reason other than to make the mc “look cool.”

    > author hides a bunk excuse for why something silly is being done in story (a mmo having player specific skills, which would never fly in real mmos) which is also a cliche.

    > mc gets an item drop from a boss that just so happens to be something that’ll benefit him cliche.

    Man the author sure is stacking up the clichés.

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