Shatei Kyokufuri – 12


He still hadn’t noticed my presence.

So, how to kill him…

His weapon was a ‘gun.’

A pretty nifty looking one too.

Not a realistic gun by any means, but a SF one that looked like it would shoot laser beams.

Even if I had superior range, he would definitely be faster.

If it turned into a shootout, I would lose.

I wanted to back away and attack him from afar.

However, if I moved now, it would create a sound, and he’d know that I was in the house.

This wasn’t like most games, where moving slowly would mean not making any sounds.

Besides, this place was made of wood.

The floorboards creaked when I walked. He would know in an instant that I was on the second floor.

And the buildings in this game were destructible.

If his gun was powerful enough, it might break through the walls and hit me.

I had made a terrible mistake by taking my time in here.

There was a theory about VR Battles.

The longer you were in a building, the higher the risk of dying.

Camping would eventually be met with a blowback.

“Still, I can get through this if I use my skills right.”

I moved my body so that I didn’t make a sound, and prepared my bow.

Then I aimed towards the open veranda, and unleashed a Clear Arrow so it would hit the window of the next house.

“Kiririri…shu! Pari-pariparinn!

The window exploded extravagantly.

The player would not know why it had shattered.

Of course, his attention was immediately diverted towards it.

And with this opening, I shot at him with In Fight Arrow!

Giririri…byu-byu! Zhuunk!

One arrow went into his head, and the other took him in the chest.

Both were weak spots.

Unable to resist, the play vanished into light.

‘2 Kills!’


I guess I had the better strategy here.

While I was nervous for a while, the sense of elation when defeating him was enormous.

So, I would have to pick up the chips from the treasure chest that dropped.

After I killed the next one…that is.

It had been bothering me.

The player I had killed seemed to be anxious about something behind him.

Was he being chased by someone he had seen, but was unable to kill?

I would use the dropped treasure chest as bait then.

But if no one arrived after 30 seconds…well, perhaps if meant I was wrong.

It was just as I was thinking this that a player who was wielding a sword appeared.

He was covered in armor from head to toe and even had a shield.

Well, it was no wonder he was so bold.

With such equipment, he might not be affected much by just a few arrows.

“Unfortunately for him, I have a special one.”

I slammed the heavily armored player with the Web Arrow.

His armor was very heavy, and when combined with the stickiness of the webs, he was not able to get up after falling down.

After that, I just needed to take aim at the cracks between his armor. And it was finished.

‘3 kills!’

“I’m doing pretty good for my first event. Not bad, me.”

Surely that was the last one in the area. But I waited a few more seconds.

…Alright. No one came. And I could hear nothing.

I gathered their chips and then went to the other buildings and took those chips as well.

I would find out what they did later.

This terrain wasn’t a good match for me.

And so I moved away and headed towards the top of the mountain.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I wonder if there will be cooperating players in this event already. I could see a ranged/melee pairing working together to be a simple enough team up for there to be a few sets among those involved.

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