Tensei Kenja – 10


It hadn’t been my intention to trick him like that.

Besides, if he judged my abilities incorrectly, then I might be handed jobs later, that were harder than I could take.


I wanted to have a proper battle so he could assess my abilities correctly.

That’s what I meant when I spoke…


“No, there’s no need for that. I can tell just by watching you move. Even if I tried my hardest, I would have no hope of beating you. …If it is your first time picking up a sword, then Yuji, you must be the god of swordsmanship reborn. Though, I am sure you are just lying. I am willing to bet on it.”


…It really was just an accident of sorts. I don’t know why he was going so far… 

If someone tried to hire me now based off that fight, I would politely decline.


“…In any case, the swordsmanship test is over… Uh, Yuji. You can go home now.”




Hey, he suddenly told me to leave.

I didn’t think I did that bad… Or was there something I had missed?

I wondered about it with an expression of despair, but then Instructor Regin opened his mouth again.


“Oh, you didn’t fail or anything. It’s just that you already passed based off this point in the test. So I don’t think it’s necessary for you to continue. …Unless of course, you are aiming for the Special Bracket?”


…Special Bracket?

I hadn’t heard anything about that before the test…interesting.

I decided to ask, as I wasn’t sure what it was.


“What happens if get in the Special Bracket?”


“It means that your Adventurer rank can start at H-Rank, where as it would usually start at I-Rank.”


I see.

So it meant you can skip a rank. That sounded nice.

I didn’t know much about the rank system for Adventurers, but it probably took a long time to raise your rank.


“Alright, then I would like to continue in the test. So I can aim for this Special Bracket.”


“Oh…yes. Very well.”


Instructor Regin gave his permission, but he looked a little bewildered.

As for the other applicants, they were looking at me with expressions that said, ‘Is this guy for real…?’


Had I just done something really strange?

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