Tensei Kenja – 101


“But, he said that he’s F-Rank…”


“It’s because you only see people as their rank, that you are still a novice! …I’ll take care of this from here. Get out!”


So saying, Master Gaiger drove the clerk out of the store.

And then he pointed at the slimes and Proud Wolf and asked me,


“So, you want monster armor for these guys?”


“Yeah. And I have the money to pay for it.”


The most expensive piece I had seen in the store was 500,000 cicols.


And I had over 6 million on me.

So while things were expensive here, I could still afford them.


“Don’t worry about money. A person of your ability will be able to make as much as he wants. You could even pay me later. …But what I want to know now, is the direction.”




“What features do you put the most weight in? Most Adventurers care about attack power… But your monsters don’t really look like the attacking type.”


I see.

Indeed, my battle style didn’t really require the monsters to have much attack power.


That being said, it wasn’t like I wanted more defense power either.

What I did want was…


“What about scouting ability and movement speed?”


“…That’s rather unusual. It won’t help them much in combat. Are you sure about this?”


“Yeah. My slimes have a very special way of fighting.”


Master Gaiger heard this and thought about it.

He was now looking at the Proud Wolf.


—And then after some time, he opened his mouth.


“They’re so strong that I don’t think my current materials will work. And it would be quite pointless if the armor broke during a fight.”

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    • Maybe we don’t know but Yuji buffed him for the previous hunt, and the effect is still active. Well, a wolf looks strong, in general.

      But we all know the truth, Yuji is too stronk MC, so strong that even the proud wolf is like a puppy for him.

    • r/woosh me but I had to defend that poor wolf. There was only one instance where we can infer the wolf’s strength when Yuji use it to fight to trick his stalkers. The rest were situations either Yuji can solve easily through the slimes, or disaster to legendary threat dangers.

      Combine that with how tamer isn’t held in high regard and most monster armour shops are focused on horses and cows, it’s likely that monsters tamed by tamers are generally on the weaker side to the point that most tamers don’t find it viable to get armour for their tamed monsters.

    • Yuji forget that he’s super OP… and cause of how well he and the slimes work together, he forgets that the wolf is strong. But that’s cause he’s too OP.

  1. The quick to judge wrongly clerk and the smarter and also more violent boss trope, nice. Now then, I wonder what calamity class monster will they need to hunt (which of course Yuji will think of as a run-of-the-mill mob) for some adorable jelly/pudding armor? Anyway, I still have no idea what armor for slimes looks like.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Pure speculation here, but I vaguely remember back when he tamed the thing that people were saying its a high rank monster. The thing has acted the way it has because of how monstrously strong Yuju is and how strong the things he has been fighting were, like dragons…

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