Tensei Kenja – 108


…But this attack would have killed a normal Lesser Fire Dragon instantly. But this one was still alive after being hit by 10 of them.

With this realization, I sent another round of Area Freeze – Medium.


‘Magic Transfer—Area Freeze – Medium!’




And then the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon finally collapsed.

It was really tough–but Area Freeze – Medium was able to do quite a bit of damage to it.




‘We won!’


The slimes cheered loudly as they started to poke the fallen Blue Lesser Fire Dragon.


‘…Hey, it might still be hot.’


‘It’s fine!’


…Well, if they said so, it was probably fine.

Apparently, the dead dragons were not hot.

And so I had the slimes store the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon with Slime Storage.


I had used up quite a bit of MP, but at least I had achieved my mission for the day.

…And it was just starting to get dark.


‘All right, gather around the area where you found the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon. We’ll do a little exploring before going back.’




‘Got it!’


And so we headed for the area where it had been discovered.

While we walked, one of the slimes raised its voice.


‘I found a blue one!’


So there were more after all.

If there was one monster in an area, there was a good chance that there was another one as well.

This was a rule that applied to strong monsters as well as weak ones.


‘Right, let’s go kill it!’



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  1. “…This attack would” -> {…But this attack would}
    “instantly. But this one” -> {instantly, however this one}

    Yeah, somehow the slimes can be adorable even while accepting an order to kill. The target is a monster, but even so, still killing. Is this a regular trope nowadays? Like the twins from Isekai Yururi Kikou or Pochi and Tama from Death March. Well, the dangerous loli trope is in full swing, but also terribly funny.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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