Tensei Kenja – 11


In that case, I could station the slimes around the tent and use ‘Shared Senses’ to eliminate any blind spots.


“Alright. And my next question…what’s so hard about this test?”


Yes. That’s what I was most curious about.

There weren’t any monsters in the forest and the test itself was not that long.


There was no reason that I could see that this test would be considered brutal.

Unless there was something important that I was missing.

I had been wondering about this…but the instructor’s answer was very unexpected.


“…How is it not difficult? You have to guard a tent alone at night! You have to stay concentrated the entire time. Some people say that this test is the biggest dividing point for Adventurers.”


…An all-nighter? That’s brutal?


“But this is just one night, right?”


“Aye. Of course, it is only one night. People might get sick if they had to do this for several nights. …Well, some of the more advanced Adventurers may stay up for two nights.”


…What kind of white company!

Was being an Adventurer that much of a nice job?

Back on earth, pulling an all-nighter two or three nights in a row was normal. If anything, I felt lucky if I only had to stay up for one night!


“…I see. I understand now.”


“Good. Now, the test is about to begin, so return to your tents and get ready! The test will start in ten minutes from now!”


He said, and so we returned to our tents.

It seemed like the other Adventurers were making fires and preparing firewood, but as for me…I didn’t need to make a bonfire.

And the slimes could see in the dark.


“Alright, I’m counting on you guys.”




They obeyed my order and began to split up and scatter around the tent.

After that, they adjusted their positions in relation to the trees until there were no blindspots.

And with that, the slime surveillance network was complete.


…And then several more minutes passed.


“The lookout test starts—Now!”


The instructor gave the signal and it began.


Now…come from any direction you want!

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  1. Feel sad that this guy things 2 all nighters in a row outside of college is considered normal… and even then, for college students, it’s often because they either over worry or procrastinated…

    Basically… all nighters are not the norm…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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