Tensei Kenja – 113


‘My mom told me not to go close to strange leaves!’


I see. So there were monsters that trapped slimes.

They got evaporated by Lesser Fire Dragons and trapped by others—life as a slime could be hard, it seemed.


As I mused over that—a giant dark shadow appeared in the water.

It was the same shape as the Maneater Bass I had seen at the guild.


‘A monster!’


‘It took the bait!’


It seemed to be going well.

I should have done this in the first place.


I wouldn’t even have to transfer magic at this distance.

Still, magic involving bullets seemed like they wouldn’t reach it…


“Area Freeze–Medium.”


I chanted. And then a giants sphere of ice grew in the area that the shadow had been.

The river water within the area of effect had all turned into ice.


So now I knew that the area of effect for Area Freeze was a nice sphere.


And with that thought, I pulled out the sphere of ice from the water.


“All right, mission accomplished.”


That being said, I couldn’t bring the entire block of ice with me.

I had to break it somehow…


It was while I was thinking this, that cracks started to appear on the block of ice.




Perhaps it would just break naturally.

I thought hopefully—and then the cracks began to spread.


Then there was a loud cracking sound, and then the block of ice cracked in half completely—and the Maneater Bass jumped out.


‘It’s alive!’

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  1. For better and worse, those man-eating fish don’t die in ice. It’s bad since they get harder to kill, but it’s good since even frozen, they are still fresh (this would no longer matter if they are inedible). Since the ice sphere was taken out of the river, I wonder how the fish will fight, if it will.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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