Tensei Kenja – 116


Once they reached A-Rank, they were similar to natural disasters.

Still, if they didn’t come down here and left in 3 days, then there was no reason to fight it.


In a way, they were safe monsters.

As for getting angry when having water poured on them, that was just like the Lesser Fire Dragons.


“You are not allowed to go near the mountain when a Fire Dragon is around. Besides, once they leave, Lesser Fire Dragons also disappear for a while. …It’s a good thing I got those gemstones while I could.”


So I had acquired them just at the right time.


They probably forbade people from entering in order to avoid having any Adventurers upsetting the Fire Dragon and causing it to attack the town.

As long as the guild put out the order, then no Adventurer would dare go there.


…However, I had a bad feeling about it.


“Hey. Do they actually put up any blockades around the mountain?”


“Guards are positioned on the roads to drive people back, but that’s it. It’s much too large to set up a blockade. …Surely you’re not thinking of sneaking inside?”


In other words… If the Blue Moon of Salvation snuck in and poured water on the Fire Dragon—they could make an A-Rank monster attack the town.

Just a little water could mean the death of the entire population.

As destroying populations was their favorite thing, it was the perfect opportunity.


“…No, I wouldn’t do that. But I was just wondering.”


“If you think you can sneak in now and hunt a few more Lesser Fire Dragons, I wouldn’t advise it. You should consider them all dead once the Fire Dragon has appeared.”


“Yeah. I’m going to lie low.”


And with that, I left Master Gaiger’s armor shop.

And then I turned to the Proud Wolf and slimes, who were wearing their new armor.


‘I want you guys to surround the volcanic mountain.’


‘…Surround the volcanic mountain?’


‘Yeah. We’ll create a barrier around it so that the Blue Moon of Salvation cannot get in. …But also, be prepared to run if the Fire Dragon gets close.”


It would be impossible for humans to surround the mountain.

However, with intelligent slimes that came in immense numbers, and with the great mobility of the Proud Wolf, I should be able to stop the Blue Moon of Salvation from coming and provoking the Fire Dragon.


…Well, I was just being cautious because I had a bad feeling. It was more than likely that nothing would happen at all.






And so the Proud Wolf Carried the slimes and ran off in the direction of the volcanic mountain.

As this wasn’t the first time they had made a security net while being carried by the Proud Wold, they shouldn’t have much trouble doing it.


‘The Proud Wolf’s so fast!’


‘It’s because of the collar!’


They said as they started to surround the mountain.

At this rate, it wouldn’t take too long to complete.

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  1. Ok, I hope they don’t skip on the most IMPORTANT detail. Since the slimes will spread out to make a circle, will they all have hats, or just one? Is that magic armor/item THAT magical? Now, onto the lesser details, I’m sure those terrorists are already close to the dragon, and thus that new monster will only live for another couple chapters, then it’s time for a new and better hat for the slimes. Slime with a hat, awesome!
    Thanks for the chapter! Great translation! God bless you!

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