Tensei Kenja – 119


The Dryad wasn’t really an expert on curses.

But she was still the closest thing to an expert among my acquaintances.

After all, she could teleport anywhere as long as there were trees.


As I mused on this—the Dryad appeared in my room.


“Uhh… So, is this the place where the cursed stone is?”


“No, it’s not here… And first of all, there aren’t any trees here, are there?”


I thought the Dryad could only go where there are trees.

So how did she come inside this hotel room?


“There’s one right there?”


She said as she pointed to a potted plant in the corner.

I didn’t know what the plant was called, but it did look like a small tree.


“…So, even that will do…”


“Yeah, it’s fine. …But it sounds like some bad people have left a curse again… Hmm, I don’t sense anything like that…”


She said as she scanned the room.

The town was currently peace itself.


“The curse isn’t here. It’s with the slimes. Over there, towards the volcanic mountain…”


“All right. I’ll go and take a look.”


She said as she vanished.

At the same time, I saw her appear again where the invaders had been.


The Dryad looked at the barrel and muttered.


‘…This is definitely cursed. But it’s weaker than a magic stone… What were they trying to do with it?’


‘Well, it seemed like they were going to pour it over the Fire Dragon.’


‘I don’t think that would kill a Fire Dragon. This seems like a really ill-natured curse, though. I bet it would just make it very angry…’


As I thought. This was just to make it angrier than normal water would.

I had been right.


‘I think making it angry was their plan. …Remember? The guys who brought the cursed stone to your forest also had no intention of hunting the monster.’


‘…So they want to use the monster to destroy the forest?’


‘Either the forest or the town. I don’t know which yet.’


‘But… I can hardly believe it…’


The Dryad said with sad eyes as she looked at the barrel.


‘Well, we were able to stop them. …I’m going to lift the curse now. So stand back.’



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  1. This dryad now gets to see some interesting events. Must be better than just hanging around in the forest, all alone (not counting the monsters). The slime hotline plus the tree warping combo works fine.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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