Tensei Kenja – 122



After the Proud Wolf was stationed on the bridge, the Fire Dragon approached the river.

As the slimes had predicted, it arrived at a short distance away from the bridge.


As the town had already sent out an order to evacuate, I left the inn to evacuate too–or pretended to, while I instead went to join the slimes.


I couldn’t just run and hide while the slimes faced the Fire Dragon.

As all of the other monsters had escaped, there was no chance of me being attacked and having to waste any energy.


‘Here it comes!’


‘It’s getting warmer!’


While it was at a distance, they could feel the heat from the Fire Dragon.

Since I was using ‘Shared Senses,’ I was able to feel it too—and it was definitely getting warmer.

However, it was not dangerously hot.


As I waited and watched—the Fire Dragon charged straight into the river.




The heat of the Fire Dragon was causing the surface of the river to bubble and evaporate.

An incredible amount of steam rose into the air.


As for the Fire Dragon—it seemed to be in pain.

It roared angrily and its movements grew sluggish.


You only needed a few dozen liters of water to kill a normal lesser fire dragon.

—That meant that the river water could kill hundreds of lesser fire dragons in a second.

With this much water and this much heat being robbed, even a Fire Dragon would be in pain.


However, it did not stop the wild run.

It evaporated all of the water coming downstream as it slowly made its way forward.

And then—




With a giant roar, it reached the other side of the river.

At the same time, the trees on the other side went up in flames.


‘This is bad! We better get out of here!’




And with that, the Proud Wolf and slimes escaped from the bridge.


So the first river was not enough to stop the Fire Dragon.

But it had still been somewhat effective.


The second river was twice as wide as the last one.

It was also deeper.


In that case…maybe it would be enough to stop it.

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  1. Hold up, why didn’t the dragon fly? Is it a land type? It should have another name(drake), it’s not dragon in that case. I wish fantasy novel would all respect that. For anyone wondering, google ‘dragon classification’ for more names (there should be a least one good image). It’s a minor detail, but I feel cheated, I was expecting a flying disaster, not an idiot running into a river even if water hurts it.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • It really depends on region, and just whatever fcking lore the author wants to give to a fantasy creature.

      That being said, I decently often see asian novels categorizing dragons into three kinds:
      The standard (to us) western dragons, the ones like big lizards with wings.
      The eastern dragons, the ones more like winged serpents with some number of arms/legs
      And then, the elemental dragons (Fire dragons and Earth dragons being the most common ones I see) that’re more like western dragons without wings, and instead a high affinity towards their element in addition to their ability to breathe out fire, or perhaps not even that (Air/Wind/Storm/whatever dragons being the exception, they usually do have wings)

  2. thanks for the chapter also i know this is late but

    spelling mistake

    “And with that, the Proud “Wold” and slimes escaped from the bridge.”

    Wolf not Wold

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