Tensei Kenja – 129


“It will be difficult to have them send out an order without a good reason to doubt the Ordarion branch. Things are already very complicated politically when it comes to them.”


“If I go to headquarters directly and take the time to slowly persuade them… They might be convinced to send the order. However, I don’t know if there is enough time.”


“Yes. Even if it was them that used the Rainmaking Device, they would cover up the evidence with enough time.”


So they had a time limit to gather evidence.

This was a difficult problem.


“We’ll have to give up then. This isn’t the first time the Ordarion branch hid information from us. So we can’t be too suspicious that they did it this time.”


“…There have been incidents in the past where the devices were taken out of the guild. Is it possible that one of those devices was used?”


“To be honest, that seems like the most likely. But…there is no way to find information about devices that have gone missing. We should just end the investigation here.”


“…That’s unfortunate.”


Apparently, the investigation was to end without ever being resolved.

In any case, it was worth sending the slimes here. Even if all I had learned was that the guild wasn’t my enemy.

I could continue to accept quests here.


But…this Ordarion branch…bothered me.

It seemed like a very special place, so refusing to give information did not mean they were the culprits… But it still seemed quite possible that they were the cause of the Fire Dragon attack.


If there was something suspicious about the place, I should probably go look. That way, I could be an Adventurer without worrying.

It would be a lot better to have information beforehand…compared to suddenly being attacked by a Fire Dragon, as I had been.

If it turned out that there was no problems with Ordarion, my life as an Adventurer would feel much safer.

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  1. Yeah, we all know that place has some dirty secrets, and Yuji will end up busting the place. Now we only have to wait a couple more chapters.
    Thanks for the update! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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