Tensei Kenja – 13


As I did not want to have my location known, I sent the name telepathically to the slimes and activated it.

It went to the slime who was in front of the place where the barrier had been disturbed.




At the same time, I heard a gasp from the same area.

And with that, the invisible person had been caught in the net.


“Don’t move.”


I took out my sword and pointed it towards the net.

And then…


“Oh, damn it. I didn’t expect you to be able to see me.”


As he said this, a certain man appeared from inside of the net.

He was thin and had a sullen expression…but there was something powerful there as well.


“Can you take this net off of me now? This is just a lookout test, so there is no need to fight.”




And then I deactivated the magic.

It felt very strange that I didn’t even know all the magic that I had, but still knew how to use it.


Once the man was free, he looked at me with a troubled expression and said,


“I guess I should introduce myself. I am Eeth. …But, really…I’m going to have to talk to my superiors…”


“Your superiors? …Is there some trouble?”


“Yes. …I mean, the fact that I am caught like this means trouble.”


…Being caught meant trouble?


“I thought this test was about finding the instructor?”


“Yes. That is true, but not really. Me being caught is not part of the test.”


“…In other words, I would have passed even if I didn’t capture you?”


So I had apparently gone through all of this effort for nothing.

Well, it was at least a little fun.


“That’s what it means. Besides, it’s not usually possible to catch me. I used to be one of the best at hiding in the whole guild. There are only about ten people in this country who could find me in a forest, you know?”


I had thought he was very good at hiding. So that explained it…

No, wait…


“So why are you here then?”


I asked. It was the question that had been bothering me.

Eeth answered immediately.


“Ah. Well, my job is to sneak into people’s tents without them noticing. It shows them how hard keeping watch really is. But then you found me.”

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  1. Somebody not wanting to stand out just effed up in an average way… I mean, a major way. That’s not Mile/Adele/Misato, just some other OP protag not wanting to stand out TOO much and failing. Not someone obsessed with being average…

    Side note: I hope that, unlike in the manga, we get to see what went on when Eeth reported that to his superiors… Like, how many did a spittake, how many fainted, and how many had a heart attack. That’d be fun. Not gonna happen, but it’d be fun if it did.

    • To be fair, there was some unfair info there. I mean, the guy being among the top 10 at hiding is kinda an unfair thing. And the test was supposed to be about catching the intruder… how was he supposed to know that he wasn’t supposed to actually catch the guy???

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