Tensei Kenja – 131


The bear monster roared as it attacked.

I targeted the bear—and then chanted.


‘Magic Transfer—Fireball.’


As I wanted to measure the power of the armor, I purposely used something that was weak.

‘Fireball’ was moderately power as attack magic, but it was not nearly enough to kill a monster of this level.





The Proud Wolf shrieked.

But this time, it wasn’t due to the monster.

It was because of the Fireball that had been transferred right in front of him.


—It was huge.

It was twice as big as usual and was also different in color.

In a way…it was as if it held a completely different level of power compared to a normal Fireball.


And it was such a Fireball that shot out towards the monster bear…and exploded.

The explosion was also much different than usual.

I had been positioned quite far from it, but I could feel the blast.








The Proud Wolf flattened itself on the ground while the slimes all hid behind me.

But as we were far away, no one was hurt.


However, the same could not be said the monster bear.

It had been blown away like a rag doll. And nothing of its original shape remained.


Torn to shreds, I suppose.

There was no need to make sure that it was dead.


“…That was definitely overkill.”


I muttered. There was no point in expecting to get any materials from that.


It was kind of like…that first time I used Hellfire of Death.

Of course, Fireball still wasn’t quite as strong as that…

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  1. Yeah, probably don’t try something a little stronger, and expect armor damage or destruction when using the big ones, like the hellfire and ice tundra spells. Oh well, there should be some more dragons out there.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Oooh so less MP usage too!! Way to conserve MP! Tho i wonder if its coz its a fire element spell that the magnification of output was that much.. the water spell earlier was just 1/3 originally but this fireball looked close to hellfire of death

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