Tensei Kenja – 133



A few minutes later.


“…He’s gone.”


One of the men behind the counter muttered.

It was the man who had been staring at me.


“Aye. And he didn’t accept any quests.”


Another man said.

They really have been monitoring me then.

It was a good thing I had left the slimes there.


As I thought about this, the two men continued to talk.


“Ah…would you mind coming with me to the back?”


“What is it?”


“We need to talk about that man.”



Had I done something suspicious that caused them to want to discuss me?

All I had done was look at the quest board…

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  1. I’m thinking, those guys have some skills or abilities to check out individuals so they noticed he’s strong, or something. Yuji does act quite weird, like a strange combination of noob and pro, something like that, and having a slime on his shoulder all the time, he’s rather unique, and easy to get suspicious about. Oh well, this means the adorable magical puddings now have who to watch.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, and happy holidays!

    • Either that, or they’re from the Blue Moon, and recognized him as a potential assassination target. Yes, he’d been written off as mostly harmless, but it’s still suspicious that someone (a B-rank scout, no less) they’d been watching as a potential threat came knocking on their door right after they’d done some shady stuff in the area he’d been at the time.

  2. Kind of make me think that he is really stupid..
    “All I did was look at the board”
    Isn’t obvious that they look at him because he’s a strange in town

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