Tensei Kenja – 136


After I said this, the Proud Wolf peered over the edge.

And then he shouted in a powerful voice.


‘This is nothing! Please get on my back!’


So it was nothing for the Proud Wolf after all.

This guy. He seemed so weak sometimes but he had incredible athletic ability…


‘All right, here I go! …But…if there are any strong monsters, please protect me!’


He said as he began to run down the cliff.

It was steep enough that I was sure a human would get injured if they attempted it…but he moved without hesitation.

It was almost as if he was running on flat ground.


While we moved…the slime on my shoulder began to shout.


‘It’s a monster!’


‘It looks so strong!’


So there were monsters here after all.

But… The surface of a steep cliff was not a good place to be fighting monsters.

Any distractions could lead to a dangerous misstep.

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  1. This makes me interested in what happened there. Maybe the blue moon had nothing to do with the bridge collapsing, or they got a monster in there too, just to be sure.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, happy holidays!

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