Tensei Kenja – 138


And so I stepped out of the guild for a minute.

Up until now, I always had the slimes take out the materials inside of the guild… But they would always ask me about how Slime Storage worked, which was annoying to have to explain.

It could not be avoided if there was too much stuff to carry…but this time, that was not the case.


‘Take out the tiger monster we just killed.’




And so I moved to a secluded place and had them take out the monster.

Then I put it in a bag and returned to the guild…where I dragged it to the counter along with the hunting request.

…I had put it in a bag because I didn’t want to alarm anyone by dragging a corpse around town.


“I want to report the completion of this quest. …It’s fine if it’s something I happened to kill on the road, right?”


“That’s fine. …Do you have the monster with you?”




So saying, I took out the tiger monster from my bag.

I hadn’t made sure that it was the Small Tiger…but it was a tiger monster in this area, so it made sense for it to be the Small Tiger.

It would be rather embarrassing if I was wrong…




The receptionist raised her voice when I took the monster out.

I don’t know…it did not seem like she was looking at the monster that she was expecting to see…

Could I have brought in something else?


“Is it…the wrong one? It’s a tiger monster, so I assumed…”


“Yes…it’s quite wrong…”


“I see…I’m sorry. It was wrong.”


And so I put the tiger monster back in the bag.

I suppose that meant that there were other kinds of tiger monsters in the area.

And the one that I had killed was not the one they wanted dead.


…I suppose getting 100,000 cicols for something I did on the way here was too good to be true.

I scolded myself and moved away from the counter.

That’s when the receptionist called after me.

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  1. I don’t know, the name ‘small tiger’ has a “SMALL” in there, suggesting a weak level (of course, small doesn’t always mean weak) and yet Yuji thought that a monster which took a couple overpowered fireballs to kill is a small tiger? Idk, he was probably drugged without knowing in the last town 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, and Happy New Year!

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