Tensei Kenja – 148




‘But, Yuji will help you!’


‘Yuji! Please help Slibird!’


The slimes said as they started to surround the bird that was on the ground.

…Help… I suppose that meant getting rid of the poison.


‘Magic Transfer — Cure Poison.’


I used the surrounding slimes to activate the spell.

And the wing that had been purple became blue again.

The poison had been removed. Now, I had to help it regain its energy.


‘Magic Transfer — High Heal.’


I chanted the words, and then the formerly motionless bird began to move its wings.

It looked like it had healed without any problems.


‘Thank you… That magic is amazing!’


‘It really is!’


‘Yuji’s magic is incredible!’


The bird got up and flapped its wings as it talked with the slimes.

Hmm…perhaps this was a chance to recruit it.


As I was thinking this…the slimes seemed to come to the same conclusion.

And so began their attempt at persuasion.


‘Hey, Slibird. Why don’t you join us and Yuji!’


‘It’s so nice!’


‘It’s safe and the food is so good!’


The slimes surrounded the bird tightly.

And then…




It was a quick answer.

And then…there was the ring of a bell as a window popped up.



Monster – You have tamed Slibird.


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  1. So, what is that thing? The Slabird, slav bird? Is it going to wear adidas pants? 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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