Tensei Kenja – 152


The people at the bottom just wanted an excuse to kill.

But headquarters… Wanted to defeat this ‘Black Dragon of Destruction.’


“By the way… Is it even possible to defeat this ‘Black Dragon of Destruction’? To be frank, I only care about killing humans.”


“I don’t know. According to the myth, only the ‘Emissary’ can defeat the Black Dragon of Destruction. But I find that highly questionable.”


“…Indeed! And who cares about any of that!”


It seemed that the Ordarion branch had little interest in the Blue Moon of Salvation’s true objective.


But…they did give me some good information.

This ‘Black Dragon of Destruction.’

If the Universe Purification Device was made in order to defeat it…

Maybe doing some research on this dragon will give me an idea of where the device would be built.


So, I suppose I should look into this myth…

That meant going to the church.



“…Here it is.”


The Iriarch church was in the center of the town.

But…the building itself was smaller than any church I had seen up until now.


That suggested their library could not be very extensive.

However, maybe I could find out where to go to get to a bigger church.


In any case, I had to talk to the people inside.

Thinking this, I stepped foot into the building.


—It was very quiet inside the church.

There was no one here, except for a single priest who was passionately offering his prayers.


This…made it a little awkward to talk to him.

It seemed like the kind of situation where speaking out loud was forbidden.

What to do…


As I wondered…the Priest suddenly stood up.

And then he slowly turned towards me…with a look of satisfaction.


“I see. So that’s what it all means.”


“…Father Shtyle?”


His face…was quite familiar.

It was the man who gave me the Keshis shortsword that I used to fight the Blue Dragon of Delight.

Father Shtyle.


“Yes. Mister Yuji, it’s been a while.”


“Ah, ahh… But, why are you here?”


“Because God told me to come here. Yes, he told me today. ‘Go to the church in Iriarch.’”

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  1. This some good deux ex machine stuff. Maybe Yuji can feed that calamity class black dragon to the slimes, or maybe it’s in need of rescue? Dunno, but this shows a path for the story.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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