Tensei Kenja – 156




‘It’s that thing that melts stuff, right?’


‘Yeah. Can you use it on the rubber that’s getting in your way? … Just use a little so that no one notices.’


It was likely a natural rubber that was being used to seal the door.

And natural rubber was supposed to be weak to acid.

…While people would notice if we broke down the whole door, we could probably escape their notice if we just melted a little rubber.




And so the slimes started to rub their acid all over the rubber.

And then…while it was slow, the rubber started to melt.


‘It’s looking good. …Maybe we can use this skill for hunting as well?’


I had assumed that the slimes had no method for attacking, but maybe they could do something with this acid.

Or so I thought…


‘Hmmm… But my mom said slime acid is no good for fighting!’


‘There are some strong slimes that can melt through anything…but I can’t do that…’


Apparently, most slime acid was not strong enough to fight other monsters.

However, this weak acid was still perfect for what we needed currently.


If it was too strong, then there would be smoke rising from the rubber as it melted.

But this acid melted very slowly and quietly, which was perfect for getting in without being noticed.

And so we waited… Eventually, the rubber melted until there was a small gap under the door.


‘Do you think that you can get in now?’


It might become noticeable if they made too big a gap.

Besides, the slimes only need a gap that was a millimeter wide in order to get in.

So this seemed like it would be enough.


‘Oh, yeah!’


‘I can get in!’


So saying, the slimes started to slip through, one by one.

While it had taken a lot of work, we had somehow made it.

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  1. Interesting, a 1 mm gap is enough to get in. Quite a fluid little adorable pudding. I wonder if the poison gas is actually dangerous for the slimes, but for now, considering the newly made hole, it’s dangerous for the guards outside. If it’s poison gas.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. One question. Who is this ‘mom’ of the slimes? Are slimes born from other slimes or do they spontaneously appear? If so, who is this Slime Mother?

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